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Any Reviews on SALADMASTER Cooking System ?

If you're a chef, it sounds like it might be good. If not, it sounds like a huge waste of money. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ...

I'm Gaining Too Much Weight During My Pregnancy! Help!

Instead of pizza or burgers and things of that nature, try a chef salad, or a garden burger. Also walking is the best exercise while you are pregnant. ...

Looking for a Pampered Chef Consultant to Do a Cooking Show in My Home

I know you're looking for a Pampered Chef person and you've had people respond. Would you be interested in hosting a skin care, health and wellness party ...

Husband's 30 Birthday

Dec 18, 2009 ... I hope this doesn't offend you, but I think you may be able to really surprise ... was born and since he's a chef, she wore his chef's coat. ...

Need a Project Idea for 1St Graders for Our School Auction

(Next to their picture as a chef hat, apron, whisk) As you can imagine their recipes were filled with wonderful ingredients and cooking times. ...

What to Do If My Son Refuses to Eat What I Made for Him???

You job is his mother, not a chef or a short order cook. he is old enough to be eating table food. don't give in or you will regret it with other issues and ...

Pampered Chef

There are many perks to having your own business with The Pampered Chef. I am happy to help you get your own business started.You may email me at ...

In Need of a Pampered Chef and Tupperware Rep

Hi P., Sorry I am not a Pampered Chef or Tupperware Rep (looks like you have some great leads though), but I am a consultant for Southern Living at Home. ...

How Do I Lose Weight Safely While Nursing?

But, you have to stick to it. Weight Watchers simply shows people how to eat ..... have a personal chef making you healthy meals, have a household staff to ...

Homemade Halloween Costumes

Have you thought of repurposing clothing they already have into something else? ... Apron and cooking utinsel and be a chef...just some ideas. ...
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  • losing weight while nursing in 2 answers "Weight Watchers has a good, healthy, safe plan for losing weight while nursing."
  • took 9 months to gain in 2 answers "i second the mom who said that it took 9 months to gain the weight and should/will ..."
  • short order cook in 2 answers "... heard - he'll eat when he's hungry, and you should not be short-order cook."
  • way to lose weight in 3 answers "WW is a great and SAFE way to lose weight!"
  • eat everything in sight in 2 answers "... and then she would go through a growth spurt and eat everything in sight."