Homemade Halloween Costumes

Updated on October 31, 2009
R. asks from Bedford, TX
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Okay ladies, I need some of your creativity... I have none! Both of my daughters have to have a costume but it must be homemade. I just don't know what to do-they are 5 & 8 and they are open but they don't want to be "embarassed" either. Of course, like so many of us, I need to try and be cost conscience since they will only be wearing this once. I know that some of you are soooo creative so could you please give me some suggestions/ideas. TIA

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answers from Dallas on

I bought everything I need to make my DD a pirate costume for $8 at Joann. She's little (18 mos), which helps. I bought 1/2 yd each of white-and-red striped fabric, plain black fabric, and skull-and-crossbones print fabric (all from the quilting section at the back of the store, NOT the much more expensive costume fabric section at the front). I'll use the first two to make a two-layer zig-zag hem skirt, and the last to make a head kerchief. I then bought 1 yd of black felt, which I'll use to make a little vest (no hemming needed with felt) and "pirate's booty" bag (I'll embroider on with some white yarn I have). She'll wear her own white t-shirt underneath. I already own thread, elastic, and a ribbon I'll use to lace up the vest in my sewing supplies.

I do sew, but these are REALLY easy things to make, since a pirate is SUPPOSED to look kind of raggedy! If you want more detailed directions, PM me and I'll be happy to help!

Part of the reason all this was so cheap was coupons--go to joann.com and sign up for their mailing list, and they'll email you some. GL!

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answers from Dallas on

Do either one of them play sporst? They could wear their uniform. If they have boots, cowboy hat, they could be a rancher, rodeo person, etc. Apron and cooking utinsel and be a chef...just some ideas...Good luck!! and congrats on going to 1 car and saving money!! That's awesome!!



answers from Dallas on

My imaginary friend. Just dress really weird looking, mix and match different styles of clothing.

A red dress and if you can make a small red cape,and a basket one could be little red riding hood.

A mummy. Over snug clothing wrap in 1st Aid bandages.

A blue dress, white apron (you could make), black shoes and blond hair with a black ribbon or head band in her hair could be Alice in Wonderland.



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Have you thought of repurposing clothing they already have into something else? One year I went as a cheerleader - I used a short skirt I already had, added a tank top or tshirt that I decorated with my school colors (ribbon, fabric paint, etc.) and all my mom had to buy was a set of pompoms from the dollar store. I guess it's really up to your daughters and what they like or who they want to be this year.

You might try looking through costume or even sewing pattern catalogs to get ideas using things you already have or can get inexpensively. Simplicity has a lot of Halloween costumes in their pattern catalog.



answers from Dallas on

There were some cute ideas in Parents or Parenting magazine for October. They used large/adult size sweat shirts in solid colors (orange & black) and made cute pumpkin and cat costumes out of them... they were even no sew. (Maybe you can surf their web sites if you don't have those magazines.)



answers from Wichita Falls on

My 11 year old is going as hannah montana. Jeans she already owns + a black and neon guitar shirt on clearance at wal-mart for $3. and an 8 inch wide piece of silver fabric for a belt = Ms. Montannah. She's wearing a wig, but that is the only thing we bought for this costume that really isn't going to be day to day wear.

My boys are going to be L. E. O. - one modern (dress shirt + jeans + bought a cap + daddy's badge), one a marshal (western shirt, jeans, hat, boots, badge).

I was often a doctor or a teacher... one year Megpie was a fairy (long sleeved white shirt with ribbons sewn along the sleeves and the back.

The itsy bitsy spider might be fun for the 8 year old - a black sweatsuit + 2 pairs of black socks and 6 white gloves + white shoes. Stuff the socks, put gloves on the end, and tack them in strategic positions on the shirt, then tie the ends with string and link them to her hands.

Good luck



answers from Dallas on

When my kids were younger, I always made a their costumes with a theme. One year my oldest was the Cat in the Hat (black sweatsuit and bought the tall hat, made a tail out of a black dress sock) and my twins were Thing 1 and Thing 2 (blue sweatsuits with a "Thing 1" oval belly out of white felt). Another year, the three youngest were "3 blind mice" (black leotards and tights for the girls and black sweatsuit for my son) and my oldest was the farmers wife (overalls and a bandana kerchief around her head with a fake butcher's knife made out of aluminum foil). Another time the girls were all princesses(pink leotards and tights, I made the tall cone hats and capes to match) and my son was a Frog Prince(bought this one from Old Navy).

So look at some old children's stories and songs for some ideas too.

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

There are some really cute and easy ideas on this website. Just search around on it and maybe you'll get some ideas!


Also...this year I bought a knit outfit (top and pants) with a leopard print and added some fur around the hems and for a tail. I also bought some cheap cat ears. It was super-cheap and then I will take off the fur and they have a cute outfit to wear as well, so I didn't spend too much on a costume to be worn once.



answers from Cincinnati on

i no that its halloween today but a cute outfit for one of them maybe next year could be a old lady all you have to do is find a little dress thats cheap at like wla-mart or somewhere thats a flowery pattern or something then you can buy or somehow make gray hair for her like at kmart i seen a wig that was gray and pulled back into a bun for only $2 !!!!!! then you would find old lady glasses and stuff her bra with stuff and make her but look big and maybe if you want add a little cane!!!!! i no all of that wouldnt really be cheap but i am just trying to help you maybe in the future...!!!!!!!!!!
good luck



answers from Dallas on


If you can use some princess-type dresses for them, I have a couple that may fit them. They are from my business and are ones that the elastic is worn out on from hanging up or something like that. But you are welcome to them, if you want to "morph" them for a costume (maybe for a fairy or spoof Princess or something). I live in Dallas, near Grand Prairie and Duncanville or can mail them to you.

Best wishes!

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