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Help! My Dog Bit My Son and I'm at a Loss as to What to Do.

J.J. asks from Jonesboro

Is there anyone out there that is a devoted animal lover? Here's our deal. We have a shih-tzu just turned 7 january 28th. We've had him sinse he was a pup. He...


A Little Bit Personal, but I Need Waxing Advice

K.R. asks from Dallas

Hi, Mamas- I have a bit of a personal question, but I know I can always count on you fellow moms. I have always shaved my bikini area myself (otherwise I would loo...


My Dogs Bit My 2 Year Old

B.S. asks from Dallas

My husband and I have had our 2 dogs for 7 years and they are great dogs, except they do not like children. We were not aware of this until our daughter was born 2 y...


Dog Bit - Husband Disagrees on Action

B.. asks from Dallas

First, let me start by saying I take dog safety VERY seriously. My parents trained dogs growing up, so I was always around them. My dogs are well trained and socializ...


2 Year Old Starting to Stutter a Bit

R.J. asks from Honolulu

hi to all you wonderful mommies! i don't know whether i need to be concerned here or not. my 2 and a half year old little girl has just started stuttering a bit i...


Getting an MRI and Just a Bit Nervous

K.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hey Mamas ~ I've been having an issue with clogged salivary glands... My first "episode" was 2 yrs ago and then again this last April, with mild to moderate di...


Child Bit in Daycare on Three Separate Occasions

M.S. asks from Lincoln

I'm sure this is an age old issue. Today I was given an accident report when picking up my 2 year old. She got bit AGAIN. 3rd time in about 3 months. The first bite d...


My Children's Last Dental Visit Was a Bit Fishy to Me...

J.H. asks from Washington DC

I just got back from the dentist with my two oldest children: 7 and 5. They found two cavities on my 7 year old and have me scheduling a visit that will cost me $410...


2 Year Old Bit by a Dog

A.B. asks from Phoenix

I'm trying to figure out how to handle this situation. Over Easter weekend, I took my 2 year old son to visit my parents. While we were there, he was bit by their dog...


Seeking Advice: He Bit and I'm Now Bleeding!>!>!>!>!>!

T.F. asks from Dallas

Ok, so he's my second kid and still exclusively fed breastmilk(he gets 1 bottle a day of expressed milk while I'm at work, the rest of the time he's at the breast). ...

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