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We Have to Give up Our Dog.

L.U. asks from Seattle

We got a dog about a year and a half ago. We were told that he was a beagle mix. (he was 3 months old when we got him) My husband promised to take care of the pup ...


Having an Issue with My Dog

M.C. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms! I'm having an issue with my dog. Let me just start by saying that I did not grow up with a dog or any pets because my parents wouldn't let us have them. O...


Shampoo for Dog

J.L. asks from Dallas

Can someone recommend a shampoo for a dog with itchy skin? I've used an "oatmeal" kind from the pet store but it just makes my dog's skin itch even more. We've spen...


Dog Bit by Another Dog What to Do?

T.O. asks from Dallas

My dog got into a fight with the neighbors dog and has a bite right at his eye. His eye looks okay but it's swelling and it bled from the bite earlier. We cleaned i...


Hosuebreakin a Dog

L.M. asks from Atlanta

we recently bought a dog from the pound she is about 2months old. i am tryin to get some advice on how to housebreak her. anyone have any suggestions or tips.


Dog Hair

A. asks from Dallas

Hi everybody! Got a quick question....we recently adopted a yellow lab mix dog....and I had no idea (my own stupidity I guess) that these type dogs shed so bad. I h...


Dog Allergy

J.S. asks from Detroit

Ok moms and dads, I just found out that our young son is mildly allergic to dogs. We are debating our options. Have you been through this? What did you do? Did...


Should We Adopt a Dog?

M.S. asks from Cleveland

My husband has really been pushing me to adopt a dog lately, and I'm not exactly in agreement with him. He says that we are depriving our children (ages 7 and 4) of ...


Family Dog

J.C. asks from Lake Charles

HI, I am wanting to get my daughter a dog. I want to do one of the pet adoption programs in our area. Question is, What is a good family dog?? I want one that is goo...


What Would You Do? Dog Question

E.B. asks from Denver

We live in an apartment complex. Next door is a guy, probably around 30, has a very good job (something to do with computers), lives alone, never has guests, and is ...

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