Dog Bit by Another Dog What to Do?

Updated on November 19, 2007
T.O. asks from Birmingham, AL
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My dog got into a fight with the neighbors dog and has a bite right at his eye. His eye looks okay but it's swelling and it bled from the bite earlier. We cleaned it up and put a little neosporin on the bite, but I worry. It's the weekend. I'll call the vet Monday, is there anything else I can do till then? He looks so sad....

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answers from Austin on

baby tylenol. Baby medecine usually has a weight/dosage chart. Dose accordingly. I use this for my dogs all the time.

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answers from San Antonio on

There are several great emergency pet centers in town.

Near the airport - Broadway and 410 ###-###-####
North Side near 1604 and 281 ###-###-####
South Side Near Brooks City Base ###-###-####
And In New Braunfels ###-###-####

Hope your pup is okay!

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answers from Dallas on

Has your neighbor's and your dog had their shots? If not, get you dog to the vet.......all the other information about containing animals and the bill is good........good luck......


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answers from Dallas on

If you feel like you can't wait to see the Dr....go to the Animal ER in Plano on North Custer almost to 121 (Plano).

We've had to visit them a couple of times. They are well staffed and good Dr's. Yes, it is a little more costly because it is off hours and an ER. Usually, after the visit there, you follow up with your vet the next day.

Good luck and give your dog some loving. I hate to see my dogs in pain.


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answers from Amarillo on

Walmart has a pet liquid bandade that I have had to use in the past. It stings a little and stinks alot. But it works pretty good. That will keep out any germs that can lead to infection. Just give him lots of attention, that will reassure him that you are not mad at him. Thats why he looks so sad. He thinks you are disappointed with him. Give him lots of love and dog treats. He should be fine.

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answers from Dallas on

Personally, I think he may look sad because he's in a lot of pain. Dogs don't really tell you very well when they're in pain- they don't like to call attention to it- it's a survival thing- in the wild if a dog is hurt, they will get killed. If he looks sad, it may be his way of telling you he hurts a lot. I would say if the wound was elsewhere that you could wait 'til Monday. Since it's on his eye, he may lose the eye, costing you a lot more in the long run, having to have the operation to remove it. I would take him in immediately. The emergency one on Custer south of 121 is the only one I know of around here, like the other poster said. If you don't take him to the vet, at least go to Petsmart and see if they have any OTC pain relievers. Don't know if they do- guess you could call and ask.

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answers from Killeen on

the best thing to do is just clean it with water several times a day. a q-tip works best in my experience. you will probably find that by monday morning the swelling has gone down. i think you should still take the dog to the vet though, since it's right by his eye, there could be damage to nerves around his eye.
as a dog owner and dog lover i have to urge you PLEASE keep your dog away from that other dog at all costs! bites on the head or neck indicate that one or both dogs were trying to kill each other, a situation that will not resolve itself. once 2 dogs decide to fight to the death, not much can stop them. we found this out the hard way with 2 dogs we rescued. we ended up having to give one of them away.
sorry for rambling, i just have a major soft spot for dogs =) hope yours is ok!

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answers from Dallas on

If the eye itself was not affected by the bite the injury should be able to wait until Monday. They will prolly clean the wound out well maybe with a flush if the wound is deep. A round of Antibiotics or an injection should do it. As for your neighbor I would have reported it with Animal Control in your area to be on the safe side. (It's always wise to report any kind of bite from an animal whether it be a person or animal)
The big question is, is the other dog current on his/her Rabies injection? I hope you dog is as well. Rabies is a serious and rare disease spread by bites or deep scratches. If the dog is not current then he/she should be quarantined by a vet for 10 days to see if any signs surface. This is something that your local Animal Control should handle. By law if anyones dog is not current on Rabies and bites someone the dog "may" be destroyed and sent to Austin for testing. Regardless of the owners rights. So it's important to keep this one current.
Hope you dogs doing better. Just try and clean the wound daily with a good soap and use lots of temp water to rinse really well and the apply more neosporin on it. Also its important not and try and close the wound with anything. Keep it open to the air, this well keep it from causing pus to form under the skin and cause an abscess to form.
Hope this helps,

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answers from Houston on

Look up animal hospitals close to you. They should be open for after hours or weekend emergencies. You don't want his wound to get infected. My vet has the local animal hospital phone numbers on her answering machine to call in case of emergency.
Split the bill with the neighbor. Their dog bit yours. Here in Texas there is a leash law too. Dogs are not supposed to be running loose. If both dogs were outside loose and they fought, both you and the owner take care of the vet bill. If you had yours on a leash. The neighbor should pick up the bill.

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