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1 Year Old and Milk/dairy

Studies have shown that babies, when left to choose for themselves, eat a balanced diet based upon their bodies' needs. They don't eat a balanced diet each ...

Feeding Schedule for My 11 Month Old

Does this look like a balanced diet? Any other advice? ..... While you are obviously giving a balanced diet, I think it could include more and you might ...

Has Anyone Tried This Diet Pill?

Trust me when I say I ate a balanced diet and didn't go overboard (and exercised regularly). I have been doing Weight watcher for a long time and had gotten ...

Need Help Choosing Nutritional Supplements/Alternative Medicine

As a nurse, I know about eating a balanced diet, but I want to know about nutritional supplements and natural remedies to boost my health/immune system. ...

Does My Child Need Vitamins?

If you ask a pediatrician, the standard response is no, they don't need vitamins if they are eating a balanced diet and that should be your goal. ...

My Friends Son Is Really Small and She Is in Denial

If he starts getting a more balanced diet, that may take care of this too, but at least your charting will show if it is working. ...

Anyone Have a Vegan Child?

It certainly gave me something to think about but reassured me that as long as my son is getting a balanced diet that it is probably ok just to follow his ...


I really don't think you need to change a thing (as long as you are getting a balanced diet). My son went through a spitting up stage, but I think it was ...

How Does a Vegetable Hater Diet?

You will have to learn to like more veggies if you want a healthy balanced diet. It may just be that you've not had them cooked properly or that you've had ...

Has Anyone Tried Sponsors Offering-10 Rules for Flat Stomach,fat Loss for Idiots

I would recommend you to do a balanced diet and watching the portions of what you eat, instead of going with some "crazy" diet. ...
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