Has Anyone Tried Sponsors Offering-10 Rules for Flat Stomach,fat Loss for Idiots

Updated on November 23, 2008
D.W. asks from North Smithfield, RI
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Has anyone tried the sponsor's program that offers "10 rules for flat stomach - cut off 9 lbs of stomach fat every 11 days"? I clicked on it and it's "fat loss for idiots". Has anyone tried the program? What's involved? I'm a very fussy eater and don't want to buy one more diet without having an idea of what's involved. What types of results did you have? Thanks!

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answers from Boston on

Hi D., PLEASE don't fall for these scams! I'm a personal trainer, and I can tell you know you can't spot reduce. I can help you if you tell me a few things about you. If you are interested, email me at ____@____.com. I'll give you all my question, and once you answer them, i can help you. Diet and exercise is key, but when i say diet i dont' mean some fad diet that will work for a while, and then you'll gain it back and more sometimes. No cost to you, i'm here to help moms at Mamasource. Good Day to you, and I hope to hear back from you soon. C.

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answers from Washington DC on

I wouldn't do it since it is not healthy to lose more than 2 pounds a week. This might be one of those lose this many pounds but is not fat weight, is water... That being said, you might get dehydrated and have it worst that what you started with. I would recommend you to do a balanced diet and watching the portions of what you eat, instead of going with some "crazy" diet. I tell you for personal experience it is no good. I tried Hydroxycut and it went baaaad, I didn't lose any weight, but instead came out dehydrated (the word says it hydro=water+cut, well you get my point), and also now I have developed anxiety, because of all the effects I was feeling with this pill. I just hope you do well and do so in a healthy way. Oh! I forgot, exercise!!! Walking and such is a very good way to lose those pounds.
Take care



answers from Boston on

Hello there D.....my name is C. Hunter.
Our family of 4 have recently done a cleansing fat burning system which cleanses the toxins from the whole body and in turn sheds pounds and inches. The toxins we inhale and injest are keeping us fat and sluggish.
With this system, the toxins are released and the fat is released and as a result more energy, greater health.
In less than 4 months we have released 125lbs and 113" between the 4 of us.
I would love to tell you more. I am away right now but you can email me ____@____.com.. I will be home on Thursday of this week and my toll free is 1-877-847-1488.
This is NOT a diet. Millions are having phenominal results on this. This has literally changed peoples' lives.


answers from Boston on

Hi D.,
I haven't tried it but I have been following the recommendations in the book "From Belly Fat to Belly Flat" by C.W. Randolph, MD. It talks about how hormones are adding inches to your waistline especially after 30.

The book also endorses a product I sell from Arbonne called Phyto Prolief and Prolief Natural Balancing Cream which I wasn't using prior to reading this book. However, I use it everyday and definitely see a difference!

Good luck,



answers from Boston on

i clicked on it too but i didnt go through with it .
i was curious as well

I will keep checking too to see if anyone else has tried it out.
Does sound interesting though.
Good luck



answers from Boston on

Yes, I have done the "fat loss for idiots" and it does work. My problem with it, is that the food choices are VERY limited and the combination of foods for these "meals" is strange....stick to it for the first 11 days and you will see the scale move. I wish I could do it again, but I am currently self-medicating with food right now.


answers from Boston on

Hi D., Yes, I personally tried that "diet", and it was amazingly successful. I am in my 60's and felt very unhappy about having a tummy after all these years of a flat stomach, even after giving birth to 3 children. Having a home-based business, I am not as physically active as I always have been and realize that sitting at the computer and on the phone tends to help pounds settle in the middle. This diet is really pretty easy - when you go in to sign up for it, you are given a few pages of foods to choose from; so, everything on your own personal diet will be foods that you like. Then you get a printout of your diet for 11 days. Each day offers four different meals, and you get to choose which meal you will have when; i.e. you might choose meal #1 for supper and meal #3 for your evening 'snack' - whatever works for you that particular day is what you choose. However, you must have all four meals for that particular day. Now, each meal consists of more than one thing usually, and you may choose to have just one of those 'things' or all of them. You may also eat as much of each 'thing' as you want; HOWEVER, the biggest and most important rule to make this successful is that you MUST stop eating BEFORE you feel FULL! I strongly recommend that you read and perhaps print out the entire list of 'directions' to go over before you begin and to refer to off and on when you have a question. You are very limited on what you may drink, but I am a water drinker anyway so that didn't phase me at all. I chose not to give up my coffee, as that is what I drink at any time during the day to keep me from eating Cheesits or toast (my favorite snacks). At the end of 11 days, you WILL have lost about 10 pounds (if you stick to the diet. Then you take 3 days off and start it again. You can use the same meals you did the first time, or you can go back in (for free) and choose to have a different set of meals. There is usually one day where you have to eat fresh fruit all day - that was the most difficult for me - I love fruit, but it gets boring by mid-afternoon; however, you just deal with it and think about the next day. My son and daughter-in-law just did it for two rounds, and they were both successful and look great. Please keep my contact info - I will be happy to talk with you by phone or e-mail as it is nice to have support by someone who actually did it and was successful. E. Taft ###-###-#### ____@____.com



answers from Burlington on

Hi D.,

Yes, I've tried the "fat loss for idiots" program, and it DID work for me. I wouldn't consider it a "fad diet" because the foods you are choosing to eat from a list are healthy and simply prepared (i.e., cooked (not fried) shrimp, chicken breast, unbreaded fish, only fresh veggies and only fresh fruit (no canned or juice) among many other choices. The program offers TWO different programs (for the one price) -- one for losing 10 lbs. in 11 days, and one that takes off 1-2 pounds a week and is less restrictive.

The 11 day diet provides a list of simple foods and you choose up to 30 of these foods THAT YOU LIKE. There is one fruit day, and one veggie day -- those are not especially easy because they can get old by the third meal of the day, but seeing the scale drop a pound each day made it worth it. I did find that if I checked off lunchmeat on my initial list, that when the program ran my diet, I could have a lean turkey or roast beef sandwich on oatbran bread (no cheese)and all of the lettuce, tomato and onion I wanted on it for one of my meals on fruit day.

Veggie day was difficult, but you are able to have either 1 ounce of shredded cheese or 3 Tbsp. of dressing at each "meal." Some meals I just ate the veggies I liked with dressing to dip, or I ate a cheese stick (didn't matter what kind) along with some cut up veggies. Since condiments are OK, my husband and I made up a meatless stir-fry for dinner with low-sodium soy sauce, ginger and garlic to add flavor. It helped to have that warm meal at the end of the day.

The program is made up to shake up your metabolism by combining different foods for each meal. I, too, am a fussy eater but at meals that seemed odd to eat together, I would eat just one or two of the items until I was satisfied, and not the other(s). For example, peanuts and milk. I would usually only have one or the other, depending on which meal of the day it was. If I was out running errands, I would keep a baggie of dry roasted peanuts with me and have them with a diet soda or flavored water. They kept me satisfied until my next meal (at least 2 1/2 hrs. between meals and no snacking in between).

Getting that ten pounds off so quickly is definitely a motivator and I needed to see results to keep my focus. If you have more than 10 to lose, you eat WHATEVER YOU WANT for 3 days following the initial 11. You follow the same rules -- only eat until you're satisfied; only eat 4 meals total per day; separate them by 2 1/2 hrs. each. You then re-run your diet for another 11 days -- REGENERATE the diet through the program they provide you -- even if you intend to only eat the same foods you did for the first 11. The program recombines your choices, and that helps shake up your metabolism as well.

Sorry to go on at length...I found this diet to be very helpful in getting immediate results IN MY BELLY AREA (where I always carry the bulk of my weight). The second option for losing weight more slowly is much less restrictive in terms of what you can eat, and provides a simple formula for shifting your foods around each day to get to your goal weight. Gratefully, the diet doesn't focus on low-fat foods. If anything, the tips explain why people don't tend to lose as much weight with low-fat foods. It is full of logical, plain-english explanations about dieting myths and gives solid advice.

It also guides you through many great tips about maintaining your weight loss once you've achieved it. Are they all easy -- NO! But they are healthy and make sense (like cutting back your pasta and bread intake). There are no food purchases through the company sponsoring the program and no additional costs -- I paid $14.95 up front and my husband and I both feel it was well worth the investment. You can run your diets separately for an unlimited number of times and if you have a friend who wants to do it with you, it would cut the cost in half.

The other part I like about it is that the program doesn't keep looking for more $$ to keep you hooked. I haven't had so much as one email from the company since I downloaded their program. You get both options for the total $14.95 price, and you can use them as often as you'd like.

FYI, I'm nearly 49 years old, and had my children late in life (37 and 40). I kept my weight down until after my second pregnancy and did less and less for myself, eventually resulting in a 25 lb. weight gain. I'm in peri-menopause and losing weight is even more difficult, but I'm hopeful that I'll be able to keep my weight off, lose more and best of all, provide a healthy example for my girls -- that starving yourself isn't the way to a healthy body.

I wish you success!!



answers from Boston on

As a fitness coach, I'm always skeptical of these types of diets and claims. As you age, exercise, especially strength training is the best way to boost your metabolism to reduce weight and improve overall fitness. As an "empty nester" this is the perfect time for a home fitness program. I can help.


All the best to you!

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