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What Do You Do with Your Baby While You Shower?

J.S. asks from Sacramento

Hi moms! I have an 8 1/2 month old and now that she is really mobile, I'm not sure what to do with her while I shower. She won't sit in the pack and play because it i...


Baby Blues

S.B. asks from Tampa

Hi ladies. I have a question. My daughter Hannah has started crawling up on things. Well pulling herself up on things I should say. Anyway I can't seem to get her awa...


Baby Crying

E.G. asks from Chicago

Hello, I have a 6 week old baby boy and for the past few days hes been crying non stop!! I dont know whats wrong with him I feel bad. I try everything. He only wants ...


Baby Carriers

L.L. asks from St. Cloud

My husband and I are plannig a family vacation this summer to South Dakota and Wyoming. Our son is 9 months old and I have been shopping around online for baby carrie...


Baby Milestones

E.A. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter turns 7 months today! She is a healthy baby weighing a little over 18lbs. She can sit on her own. Plays with toys but she hated tummy time. She really doe...


Choking Baby

F.C. asks from Miami

Hello!! I hope someone can give me a little peace of mind. Last night I was giving Tylenol to my 3 1/2 months baby girl, when she choked...It was horrible, she stope...


Baby Not Pointing

L.J. asks from Tampa

Hi mommas!!! I want to start off by saying that I am a worrier, usually needlessly. I tend to be a little over the top with my anxieties, particularly when it comes...


Baby Helmet?????

F.B. asks from Los Angeles

Ok heres another issue of mine and it has been bugging more than ever now, she is just crawling and crawling and crawling i cant put her down for two seconds and she ...


Cry Baby

N.E. asks from Honolulu

I hate to admit it, and ive been avoiding this at all cost, but my husband is right. We have a cry baby. She is fine when we go out, she loves interaction with other ...


What to Do After Baby Falls

S.A. asks from Provo

I was pushing my 10 month old in the stroller, he was fussy, so I held him, and then put him back in. I was in a BUSY museum chasing my other two kids and didn't str...

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