What Happens If I Don't Take the 2Nd Round of MoviPrep?

Updated on September 22, 2011
S.!. asks from Boulder, CO
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I have a colonoscopy tomorrow and have to take a 2nd round of this stuff at 4 am. I don't want to. It tastes horrible and I don't want to be up from 4 am crapping myself. Ugh.... Anyone know what would happen if I didn't do it? Or can someone talk me into why I need to. I am tiried of being on the toilet..... (and i am hungry!!!!!)

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So What Happened?

I just one of my kids jello's. hahaha.. It felt weird eating 1 b/c I haven't had them in years.... But it helped ease the hunger pain. I can feel it going thru my guts tho... blah.. more bathroom time for me. Ugh.

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If you are not cleaned out they will miss things and you will have to do it again, only this time doing both. Just get it done right and be done with it.

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answers from Cincinnati on

It might be a rather messy procedure for the doc if you are not completely cleaned out.... And if the scope can't see what it's looking for, you may have to do a repeat..... do u want to have to drink the stuff again next week?

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answers from Charlotte on

Sam, I'm sorry I didn't see this question sooner. Take the Moviprep, honey. What can happen is that you aren't quite cleaned out enough, and the scope can actually perforate your colon. That's the worst news. The other thing is that they can't finish the colonoscopy and then they make you come back for it again. And you don't want that!

Make it easy for the doc to do his/her work. They need to see everything and not have any obstacles.

And DON'T EAT!!!!!!

Good luck!

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answers from Boston on

Oh dear, not fun at all. Yes, you have to take it, or you'll show up for the colonoscopy and they'll cancel the test. They cannot do it unless you're body is ready. And then you'll have to do it all over again. I am so sorry for your situation. Take care.

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I'm sorry it tastes horrible...if you don't take the second course, they might not be able to see "clearly"....

I had mine back in February and didn't have to sit on the toilet after I took the first dose or the second dose...mine tasted like extra thick gatorade...I know about the hunger though...yeah eating jello and ice pops is not fun...

I have been looking for good jokes for you...sorry - haven't found any!!! I loved some of the ones you got earlier!!!

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answers from Denver on

yep, been there. you do need to take it as the others said- you won't be all cleaned out if you don't. Plus they give you pictures from the procedure so they'll have proof! I know it's gross, but important. good luck.

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answers from Dallas on

Is it ok to chuckle a little bit at this?? Just chalk it up as an experience and chug it down:) I don't know what will happen if you don't take it, other than maybe the little camera getting lodged in some leftover poop. Then after that happens the physicians may be talking about you for a long time-- "the girl who left her poop behind". Just drag a tv into the bathroom with you and watch a movie;)

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I know it sucks but YES you need to do the 2nd round. Combine the liquid with diet 7 up or sprite. Also - instead of drinking it in phases like they say on the directions, I just drink it as fast as I can. Get it over with. Think of it this way - you have already gone through the hardest part which is today. Get up in the morning and do the rest so today doesn't go to waste. By the time you get there and they hook you up to the magic IV - you will not care!! Just do it :)))

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