Wasps and Hornets

Updated on May 13, 2011
M.M. asks from Washington, DC
7 answers

I hate wasps. We have nests everywhere. My daughter counted 12. I have gotten rid if 4 of them.
Now my son found a hornet nest under the picnic table.
So since I can't move, thought about it though, what's the best line if defense?
Hornets are good vespids, but I do not like them in my yard. And OH the waspies.
I can handle a lot of bugs, but not the kind that might eat me.
I havent' called Orkin yet. Is that my only hope?
Oh I really hate wasps.

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answers from Hickory on

we get a crazy amount of bees nests here too, they drive me crazy... so my husband gases and burns them, its one of the only ways that we have found to actually get rid of the whole nest without them trying to rebuild it... and when they get in the kids toys, we just buy a bee spray..... but you do need to wait till the sun goes down to do these things, something about the way it works..... good luck....

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answers from Dallas on

If you don't want to use chemicals you can spray their nest down with a jet spray on your water hose. We do both. You have to be vigilant about them. They are especially bad at our house this year. We've knocked down at least 10-15 nests so far since spring began.

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answers from Dallas on

We just use the wasp spray you can get at Lowes and Home Depot. It gets rid of them for a short period at least. Our whole neighborhood has issues with them and everyone seems to agree that it's just a constant battle. Good luck! :)

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answers from Visalia on

dish soapy water in a good squirt bottles. bugs hate soap.

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answers from Biloxi on

I just run down to the Dollar Store and buy a can of Bengal Wasp and Hornet Spray. Wait until dusk when all the little things are back in their nest - and ZAP/BAM/BOW spray it down.

The upside is that they do not re-build where the old, now poisoned, nest was.

Oh, I have to hunt them down every summer, but I have found that I have less and less nests each year.

I will also just spray down my roof overhang every season as a deterrent.

Good Luck

God Bless

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answers from Washington DC on

You have several options...

1. call a pest control company and let them handle it.
2. go to Home Depot or Lowes and purchase a can of Wasp/Hornet spray - wait until sundown/dusk - then they are USUALLY in their nest and spray away...
3. If you don't want to use chemicals, use a coffee can hold it under the nest and "shave" the nest down into the can, you can suffocate them or freeze them....all depends upon what you want to do.

I would need to do some research - it might be a myth or I might be confusing it with Carpenter bees - they don't like "fresh paint"...but if you don't want to deal with them - then i would call a pest control company and have them take care of it.

I DO know that if you attack a hornet near its nest - it CAN AND WILL send out a pheromone defense "signal" that will cause the whole nest to attack...that sucks BIG TIME!!!

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answers from Richmond on

mix up a small batch of laundry detergent and honey, and these little "batches" where the flying beasties are, the honey attracts them, and detergent kills them
K. h.

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