Removing Beehive???? Need Help

Updated on June 26, 2007
S. asks from Flower Mound, TX
4 answers

We have a small beehive starting to form on the backpoarch.Its really small right now may be about 4-5 inches.I was wondering how we can take it out and make sure the bees don't come back.
Can wedo it ourselves ( do they sell and thing we can spary on it or anything to make it less dangereous)
Do I have to pay some one to get it out???
I live in Flowermound
Any ideas are welcome

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I know Home Depot/Lowes have things for wasp nest that you can spray from about 20 feet away. There may be similar things for bees or you can ask them there. I find that they are very helpful.



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You might contact The Heard Museum in McKinney. They might help out or could steer you in the right direction.

My only experience with beehives was a couple of years ago and it was a rather large hive with comb inside the trunk of a tree. I had to pay someone to come out to destroy it. No one was interested in saving it because it had been infested with the African Killer Bees and all of the bees were very aggitated. It was expensive to have an exterminator come out to do the work. You sure don't want them to get inside the eaves of your house.



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I found this number on the internet, I have never used him, but it can't hurt to call and check prices.
I found it under as The Bee Charmer

Good luck!



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If it is on your back porch, it is unlikely to be bees. I would first verify which insect you are dealing with. For wasps and hornets, like Sunny said, you can get sprays from Home Depot or Lowes.

However, if you determine it is, in fact, bees, then I would suggest getting some professional help. If the hive is africanized bees, you will need help in removing them and if the hive not, then you would not want them destroyed but relocated (far away from you!).

On a personal note... I hope that baby gets movin'!!! :-)

I hope you are feeling well and if you haven't solved the bee problem by next Monday, I'll be there and can take a look at it for you. Now, go put your feet up!

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