Recipe for Bubbles

Updated on June 25, 2007
C.A. asks from Cottage Grove, MN
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Hello :) Was just wondering if has a good "recipe" for bubbles. What ratio of soap and water do you use? Is there a particular type of soap (hand soap, dish soap, etc) and/or brand of soap that you find works best? My daughter is good at spilling her brother's bubbles, so that would be a handy thing to know ;) Thanks!

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answers from Eau Claire on

This is what I found.

1 cup Joy or Dawn

2 cups WARM water

3 tablespoon Glycerin

1/2 teaspoon Sugar
Mix together and store in an air tight container. Item to use to "blow" bubbles: plastic strawberry basket, colander, platic six pack holder, funnel, plastic straw cut on a slant, tape several straws together, paper cup with a hole punched in the bottom will make giant bubbles.

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answers from Milwaukee on

8 cups water
1 cup dawn soap
4 tsp sugar

i have even left this mix on the porch thru the winter and it froze and it still made great bubbles in the spring. we use this mixture all the time and it works super!!!!!!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I've just mixed Dawn Dish soap and water, not sure exactly how much of each I usually just add the soap till it makes a good bubble! The other recipe also works, but if you don't have the glycerin its ok. Have fun!

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