Homemade Finger Paint

Updated on September 09, 2010
A.H. asks from Seattle, WA
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Hello. Does anyone have a great homemade finger paint recipe? I made one that seemed good and then it was super dried out the next day. Thanks!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Pudding is a popular choice as a fingerpaint but I also like to use shaving cream. Just put a blob of plain shaving cream ( I use the cheap Colgate brand) on paper and add a bit of food coloring or non-toxic tempera paint to it and let your little one swirl, mix and paint away. It smells great and makes for easy cleanup as well.
Have fun!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Elizabeth's Finger Paint
1 cup cornstarch
food coloring
1/4 c ivery snow soap powder
approx 1/2 c water
Mix all ingredients and beat with mixer until smooth

From Kid Concoctions
Instant Finger Paint
1/4 c liquid starch
1 TBSP powdered tempra paint
Mix until blended Store in bottles or tubs with lids for future use.

Jiggle Finger Paint (smell and color depends on gelatin flavor)
1 pkg (3 oz) flavored sugar-free gelatin
2 TBSP hot water
Mix gelatin and water together in a small bowl. Dko not over mix!
Let Jiggle Finger Paint cool 5-10 minutes before using. This will dry completely within 24 hours.
You can make unsented by mixing 1 pkg of unflavored gelatin w/2 TBSP of hot water and 4-6 drops food color.

Fantastic Finger Paint
1c flour
2 TBSP salt
1 1/2 c cold water
1 1/4 c hot water
food color

Combine flour, salt and cold water in a saucepan. Beat with a wire whisk until smooth.
Heat the mixture over medium heat. Slowly stir in hot water.
Contiue stirring until the mixture boils and begins to thicken. Remove from heat.
Beat with a wire whisk until smooth.
Divide the mix into several different containers. Add 4-85 drops of food color to each container and stir.

Fruity Fingerpaint
2 c flour
2 TBSP (2 envelopes) unsweetened drink mix
1/2 c salt
3 cups hot water
3 TBSP cooking oil

Mix flour, drink mix, and salt together
Stir in water and cooking oil.

Whipped Cream Finger Paint
1/4 c whipped cream
2-4 drops food coloring

Mix whipped cream and food coloring in a small bowl. Repeat to create various colors of paint

Bubbling Brew Finger Paint
1 TBSP white vinegar
1 TBSP clear liquid dish soap
4 drops food coloring
1 TBSP baking soda
1 TBSP water
Mix solution a in a small bowl.
Mix solution b in a different bowl.
Pour solution b into solution a Instantly the paint will begin to bubble and foam.
Stire the mixture until the color is even and then paint.
You can magic color change finger paints by coloring solution a with red food color and solution b with yellow food coloring. When mixed together, the paint will be orange.

Try painting on the shinny side of inexpensive freezer paper. It works just as well as store bought finger painting paper.
I haven't used any of these so I'm not sure if tjey will super dry out by the next day or not.

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answers from Milwaukee on

We use pudding as finger paints :)



answers from Philadelphia on

1/4 cup cornstarch 2 cup cold water Food Coloring

Mix cornstarch with water and boil until mixture thickens. Cool. Pour into containers. Baby food jars with lids are perfect. Add food coloring.

Hope this works out! We haven't tried it yet.



answers from St. Louis on

I have one word....PUDDING! It's pre-made, pre-packed, and comes in many yummy-licious flavors! It also smells great when it is dry and nobody cares if it gets eaten along the way. This was an all-time favorite thing to do with my kids when they were young and I was also a kindergarten teacher for many years and we did this in my classroom all the time. LOVE IT!! Whether using instant pudding boxes or the little plastic "lunch" puddings, it was a ton of fun. The ones in the cups are great because you can then save the cups for other projects or wash and re-use them for other pudding mixes or "paint cups". Make it fun too....use the pudding and then add texture to the projects by getting edible cake decorating things like chocolate sprinkles, colored sugar sprinkles, red-hots, or adding whipped cream into the mix of things. Just writing this brings me back to my "pudding painting" days! So much fun!



answers from New York on

I never thought of making my own. thanks!

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