Pumpkin Patch - Boynton Beach Area

Updated on October 28, 2006
T.S. asks from Boynton Beach, FL
5 answers

Anyone know of a pumpkin patch in the Boynton Beach area? We want to take our 15 month old daughter to pick out a pumpkin this weekend.

Thanks in advance.

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So What Happened?

We went EVERYWHERE on Saturday and couldn't find a pumpkin patch! Sunday we went up to Hoffman's Chocolate Shoppe b/c the paper said they had a pumpkin patch. Well....they had about 50 cantalope-sized pumpkins!! My husband saw a church in Boca so we went down there. AWESOME!!! Hundreds of pumpkins.....BIG pumpkins!! It was just west of Lyons on Glades Road. Got lots of great photos too!!


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T.... I always see one set up at Santaluces High school... Its isn't a big set up but it was neat walking through there... We got ours there last year... not a bad price and it is a fund raiser for the school...



answers from Boca Raton on

There's a big pumpkin patch on Swinton Ave. between George Bush Blvd and Lake Ida or Lake Ida and Atlantic Ave. It's at the Methodist Church on the west side. I used to live up there and it always looked so autumnal and fun for kids.



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Hypoluxo and Lawrence Rd (Santa Luces High School) has one every year.



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The pumpkin patch on Woolbright is a little on the expensive side.

We paid $26 for a pumpkin that would have been $6.00 at our local Publix.

That said, we would probably do it again.

The boys had fun picking the pumpkin, we got good pictures, and the gentleman who was running the place has a little girl who gave the boys lollipops and buddied up to our older (3 yr old) son right away and held his hand while showing us around.

A good time was had all around <g>.



answers from Boca Raton on

There is a Pumpkin Patch on Woolbright Rd., east of I-95. It is right next to the vegetable stand. They had a ton of pumpkins a couple of days ago and a really cute set-up to take pictures of your daughter with the pumpkins.

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