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Updated on November 20, 2009
T.S. asks from Ogden, UT
6 answers

Is there a good web site for a check list for an L.D.S. wedding. I don't even know where to look. Have lots of Family and Friends that will help. Just don't know where to find a check list for a simple wedding, and ideas. Do not want to hire a planner, My daughter has a dress, and place to hold the wedding and reception. Just need a list of what else to do. Any help would be grateful.

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answers from Salt Lake City on



answers from Salt Lake City on is a good resource. If you go to any of the bridal shows you can get good information there also.



answers from Great Falls on

I don't know where you'd look specifically for LDS planning, but is a wedding site with tips and checklists for planning a wedding. I used it to plan my sister's wedding a few years ago.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I'm starting up a video business and I'm focusing on weddings. I've been doing wedding montages, photo's of the bride and groom growing up until their wedding for a long time as wedding gifts for friends and family. I've been lovingly encouraged to make this a business so that's what I'm doing. If you are interested, send me a message! Since I'm just starting out I'm not charging much! Congratulations on your daughters wedding!

As far as the list goes, check out they have a great book that will give you vendors all over Utah for everything you'll ever need (and might want) for the wedding! ;) They also have a checklist, a budget guide and helpful info and reminders for the wedding.



answers from Fort Collins on is a really great website. They have a checklist, and eveything else you may need. It really was helpful for me.



answers from Provo on is an excellent site that focuses mostly on LDS weddings. I don't know if there is a checklist, but the site offers a huge variety of reviews and tips about different wedding vendors and services offered in Utah, tons of fantastic ideas, and a forum where you can ask specific questions and receive great feedback. Come to think of it, the sidebar of categories to search under makes a pretty good checklist. This site was extremely helpful to me in planning my own wedding!

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