Nabi 2 Vs. Kindle Fire HD

Updated on November 15, 2013
J.C. asks from Lehigh Acres, FL
6 answers

My daughter is 10 and is wanting to get her first tablet. I am between the Nabi 2 and the Kindle Fire HD. I like all the parental controls on the Nabi, but my concern is that she will outgrow it in a year or two. I can't find where it says what age they are marketing to. I also like the Kindle Fire HD. Any experience with either one for your child?

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answers from Phoenix on

Nabi 2 seems childish for a 10 year old. My 6 year old step daughter has one at her moms. My 2 boys have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, that was in the same price point. They may even have parental controls on it. My other 2 step kids have a kindle Fire HD and like them. I would research between the Kindle Fire and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

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answers from Raleigh on

I decided to get the Kindle Fire HD for my 7 yo son this year for Christmas. Primarily because we have the Amazon Prime subscription, and we get a lot of book and streaming content as part of that. (The Prime subscription has paid for itself 5 times over.) It came to the house a week ago, and I think I'm going to have to get one for myself!!
BTW- I ended up getting a refurbished one with more storage at way below "new" retail. I've been setting his up (while playing with it) and it's been great deal. He is going to be so excited!

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answers from Honolulu on

She is 10.
What is she wanting a tablet for primarily?
For reading?
If so, then the Kindle. Or Nook HD.
A Nabi is going to be too "kiddie" like and outgrown too fast. Just my opinion.

Here is a link for comparison:

The other thing is, your daughter is 10. And no matter what tablet or tech gadget she has, even if that is a cell phone, you simply have, RULES for her about it. And if she can be trusted, than all the better.
And if she is aware... of the internet and tech concepts and usage, then good.
ie: from Kindergarten, the students at my kids' school, are taught about cyber safety, about internet use, about computer use, about the terminology, etc. And at home, being we are a tech family, we have always... taught our kids, about it. And about online safety and about tech gadgets and proper usage etc. So, now my kids are 7 and 11, and they are very savvy... about it all, and know, our rules for it. And they abide by it.

Sure, you can have parental controls on gadgets etc. But also, a kid needs to be taught about it, and told, and have rules about it.
And in school, with my eldest child, they do have to go online to do research etc. and find things online for school assignments.
My kids use our computer, iPad, iTouch, and they have Nook HD's which they got from a relative for Christmas last year. And we and they have no issues about it or how they use it.
And in school, even my 2nd grade son, they use the computer in school and the school has iPads.
So a "tablet" for them, is just another extension of tech usage, which they learn how to do. Aside from parental controls etc. on the gadgets.

Your daughter is 10.
Soon she will be in middle school.
Get her something that will last. Not a "kiddie" tablet.
My daughter is 11.
None of her friends, use Nabi's.
They are all quite versed with "regular" tablets and Apple products/tablets and Samsung Galaxy products.
Think ahead... and per increased need to use it when she is in older grades too. For school assignments too etc.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I was going to get my kids both Kindle Fires for Christmas, mostly because of the parental limits. I got myself a Nexus 10 though, and I am so impressed with the free game apps through the Google Play store, that I bought both of my kids Nexus 7 tablets that they will get for Christmas. The 2013 model just came out, so Amazon has the 2012 model with 32 GB for only $179. I couldn't pass it up because it's a better quality tablet with double the memory and a much better selection of thousands of apps, including most that are free through Google Play but not through the Kindle store. Oh, and you can get the Kindle app for the Nexus, so you can use it like a Kindle plus all the extra stuff you can do. Either way, I think a 10 year old is too old for a Nabi.


answers from Jacksonville on

We don't have either. But I have a 12 year old and a 15 year old. When my daughter (12 yr old) was 10, she had a laptop of her own (for online school) and an ipod touch. The idea of a Nabi for her at that age would have been weird. She'd have loved a Kindle Fire (they didn't exist quite yet), but happily grabs my iPad out of my purse if we are out and about and she is bored. She likes to play games or draw with some of the art/drawing apps.

I think my niece (who is 7) got a Nabi for Christmas last year (when she was 6). She loved it. But, she was 6.

I honestly do not know anything about the price comparisons, but I would imagine that a 10 year old might be embarrassed by receiving a "Nabi" vs. a Kindle Fire or other tablet that is not marketed to such youngsters.


answers from Reno on

My kids both have the Nabis, we bought them last year and within one month of Christmas they had already switched it over to a full android (with our permission)
They love them now that they can get their apps and so forth.
I will say that even after all the research I did, I would go a different route if I had to do it over.
Many blessings
Oh my kiddos are 8 and 11

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