Best Tablet for a Soon to Be 6 Year Old

Updated on December 12, 2012
C.C. asks from Crown Point, IN
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I want to get my girl a tablet for xmas/bday gift. What is the best one out there for someone her age? V-tech? Nabi? Meeps? There are soooo many out there just dont know which to choose!!

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answers from Charleston on

Don't get the "kiddie" kind. She will outgrow it way too fast and then you're stuck with an expensive toy she has no interest in. Like Sarah K. said, get the Kindle Fire or the Nexus. There is plenty of age appropriate games/activities you can download. Plus, you will be able to enjoy it too!

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answers from Chicago on

We are buying our soon to be 5 year old a Nexus 7. Hubby (IT specialist) and all of his computer friends think this is the best one.

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answers from Denver on

I wouldnt go for a tablet designed for kids she is 6 and will get tired of them quickly. I would go with the nexus 7 or kindle fire hd. just get a nice heavy duty case for it and you will be fine.

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answers from Columbus on

I got my 8 yr old a Samsung Galaxy 7", he hasn't used it yet because its for Christmas, but I heard its good. I got myself a Kindle HD yesterday in part because I know my 3 yr old is going to want my eldest tablet, part for travel and part for my audiobooks, so instead of getting the little one another one, he'll borrow mine.
So far I love it and so do my kids, it has a special kids program (kindle kids) full with apps and games and my 3 yro loves it; plus, you can use parental controls on the Kindle.
Good luck to you and happly holidays!!!



answers from Dallas on

I bought my daughter a kindle fire last year when she was 6 and she loved it. She had no trouble using it at all. This year we're getting her the Nexus 7. I agree with the other moms, a 'kiddie' tablet is a lot of $ for something that will be outgrown. Just buy a heavy duty case and she should be fine!



answers from Miami on

I think it depends on what you want your child exposed to or protected from....I bought my 6 year old the V-Tech one for Christmas. Will he outgrow it? Yes, but I don't want him to have access to the entire internet, don't want to buy him Nook books, and prefer that he be a child for awhile. I really think we push our children to be little grown ups way, way, too fast.




answers from Green Bay on

The ones geared towards kids I think will quickly be outgrown. And it appears others that have answered feel this way too! However, getting an "adult" one is a PRICEY gift for a 6y/o. I like the idea of getting one for the whole family to use, but again, pricey. It wouldn't be something my family could afford this year...



answers from Honolulu on

"Kiddie" type products/tablets will be outgrown... QUICK. So I do not recommend those things.

Look for one that will grow with her.
We have a family, iPad. The 1st generation version. It has lasted a long time and is well used and even my son, who is now 6 years old, can use it proficiently. He knows how to use it better than me, and I am an adult. And of course we have "rules" about it. Which he is good about.
Even in school, the 1st grade level has iPads to learn from. And the kids have computer class in school.

Personally, I like the iPads or the Nook HD. The Nook HD is expandable and can handle flash websites, for example. Any Barnes and Noble, has a Nook counter and FREE customer service for it.

For your son to have a tablet, you as the parent ALSO has to know how it works and what can/cannot be done on it and how to download things to it and have a password on it.
AND, being it is a pricey apparatus for a young child, you gotta make sure he will know how to take care of it.



answers from Dallas on

My six year old likes my husbands Galaxy tab. I agree with the other posters - go with an full-blown tablet. Don't forget there are so many fun, fun,fun covers and skins to personalize it for her:)

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