Nubi Tablet? or Other Recommendations?

Updated on December 04, 2013
M.S. asks from Troutdale, OR
6 answers

I have been looking at getting a tablet for myself, but I would like it to be kid friendly, and I have been looking at the Nubi Jr. since they are 2 and 4. Anyone have an experiences with them? or any other ideas or things that you like about others?
Thanks so much in advance!

Ps I want to use the internet, read books, etc. and I want them to be able to play simple games and watch movies if we are at a place we have to wait for a while.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I recently purchased a Nabi 2 for my 3 year old as a christmas gift. I played with it for awhile at best buy. It comes with alot of preloaded games for kids and it also have a mommy which it ill become a real android tablet.

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answers from Tampa on

My 2 yr old and 4 yr old each have a Nabi 2. It's perfect for that age group, and the "mommy mode" lets it function as a "real" Android tablet. That being said, it's not "only for kids." It's a fully functional android tablet that has 2 modes. The child mode restricts access to online stuff and the ability to "add" apps, the parent mode allows it to act as a fully functioning tablet. The hardware specs are fairly good as far as a "grown up" tablet. However, it's primary use is really geared for kids (although I don't see them "outgrowing" it any sooner than any other tablet - like the iPad).

I love all the preloaded books and educational apps on it, as well as all the parental controls. Sometimes it's a pain to have to download apps in parent mode and apply them to the child mode, but I'd rather have the ability to control what apps my kid has access to. Also, no worries about accidental in-app purchases or "inappropriate" web sites/pop ups for the kids. The food grade silicone bumper is a bonus as well. The bumper can be removed to make it a more sleeker tablet as the kids get older.

I don't really use the Nabi for my personal use (I usually just use my phone), but on the occasions where I've wanted/needed to, it works just fine for everything I need.

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answers from Washington DC on

iPad ... All the way. You can get a refurbished one for less.

Our nearly 3 year old has been using since he was 18 months. We just bought a new one and so he has the older one and will share it with baby sister when she's old enough.

I do highly recommend the LifeProof Nuud case for the iPad. It has saved ours several times.



answers from Boston on

My kids have small iPod Touch devices for about 10 years now. I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy 5.0 media player (just like an iPod but a 5" screen). My sister just got a Nexus (Google) tablet. My husband has a Nook HD tablet. Friends have the Kindle tablet. I think they are all fine and they can all be loaded with apps and games and books (both Nook and Kindle have apps). Unless your kids are toddlers I would not spend money on a tablet that is only for kids, they will outgrow it so fast.
I would go to a Best Buy and play with a few. I like the smaller format of my Galaxy 5.0 and the feature I wanted was to be able to put an SD card into it (i have all my music and movies loaded onto a 32GB micro SD card). The Nexus and iPads & iPods do not take external memory, but my sister's Nexus has 32GB and she feels that will be enough for her use. The Nexus has about a 10" diagonal screen so not something you would stick in your purse daily to bring along for your music source (which an iPod and my Galaxy are mostly used for). I did not want an Apple product since I HATE using iTunes. With non-apple products you just plug the device into your computer and it shows up as an extra drive you can drag and drop anything to, and the Samsung came with a dedicated MP3 player pre-loaded.
So go play and decide on a budget and if the kiddos use it get the Best Buy extended warranty for a few extra bucks. Enjoy.



answers from Honolulu on

I know a family that has one.
And it never, gets used.
It is too "kiddie" for their kids, who have already outgrown it.

Since you, are looking to use it too... well, I would get something that is more useful and a 'real' tablet.
And as your kids get older or more adept/able to use it, then you teach them how etc.
If you are mainly wanting to use it for your own use, then you'd have to then "share" it with your kids, since you also want them to use it.
Is that going to be, good?

We've had an iPad since like the first one came out.
And we still have it. It is just as good as the newer models.
And since my kids were young, they have used it... per our rules/instructions etc. and parental controls etc. And my kids are now 7 and 11, and it is still VERY useful, for them and, us.
It does not get "outgrown" like a Nubi would.
Both my kids and us as "adults" use it, a ton.

I personally would not waste time/money on a "kiddie" tablet.

My kids also have a Nook HD from Barnes and Noble, which a relative got them last year for Christmas. AND parental controls can also be set up on it. Thus, our kids' Nooks, are set up that way.
AND it is great for reading and for downloading apps on it and playing apps on it.
I have a Nook HD too, which my Hubs got for me last year.
I love it.
But it is different from an iPad.

Nooks are cheap now.... there was, a sale on it earlier etc.
You might want to look into that.
Its good for reading etc. and playing games or watching Netflix on it.

Or look into the Kindle.

But, the iPad is the best.


answers from Reno on

My kiddos (8 and 11) got nabi 2s last year and they love it. we have it switched into full android mode now. They get all the apps they need from the amazon app store.
I liked the parental controls when we first got them.
Great for kids

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