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Updated on March 26, 2008
B.G. asks from Liberty Hill, TX
8 answers

I am hoping to add to my little boys "play clothes" for the summer without breaking the bank. Does anyone know of any great consignment or resale shops in the Leander/Cedar Park area? What about Georgetown?


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answers from Austin on

Hi B.,

I like Kid to Kid located by Barnes & Noble in front of Lakeline Mall. There's also Once Upon A Child at 183& Anderson Mill near Hancock Fabrics. I've done shopping at both places and they are great. :o)

Have a great day!



answers from Austin on

I have found really nice clothing on ebay. I have bought, with success many outfits for my granddaughter.

Good Luck



answers from Austin on

Hi B.!

There is a consignment store in the Railyard called Kid Korner that's pretty awesome!



answers from Dallas on

There is a great consignment sale that happens in Round Rock twice a year called Just Between Friends. The sale has all kids & maternity stuff only,you get great deals on clothes, shoes, toys, furniture etc. The next sale is at 1st United Methodist Church in Round Rock on 1004 N Mays on Saturday 4/19 7:30am-2pm. See details at www.jbfsale.com I do not miss them! (You can sell your stuff too)



answers from Austin on

I second Kid to Kid and Once Upon a Child. There is also a really nice store - can't think of the name - in the Railyard off 1431.



answers from Austin on

I live between Leander & Liberty Hill and LOVE to shop resale for my 5 children! I'll mention my favorites that haven't been suggested so far. First of all, a friend of mine just opened her new resale store in Liberty Hill ~ near the 29 / 1869 intersection next to the Shell station (called Panther Outlet). It has clothes for everyone in the family. There is a children's resale store called Bugs & Kisses in Liberty Hill on 183 just south of 29 ~ next to the Texaco station (with the Smokey Mo's) and the Ladies Workout Express. I heard the owner was selling it, but I don't know the status right now.

My very favorite children's resale store is Rock a Bye Baby Kids, a little farther south in the HEB shopping center at 183 & Braker (there is a McDonald's right on the 183 frontage road you can't miss). It sells very good quality, name brand clothing for infants through size 14 or so. It is also a fabulous resource for second hand maternity clothes. (If you also have clothing to sell, this store pays cash up front rather than consignment.)

Georgetown has a nice kids' resale store called Wiggles N Giggles, on 29 east of I35 ~ in a shopping center on the left near a Dollar store. I have found some nice high quality things there for my kids.

Back to the Anderson Mill area, if you take 183 south and turn right on Anderson Mill Road, there is a shopping center on your left (eventually) that has an Austin Regional Clinic and a church called The Vineyard. In this center is a kids' resale called The Polka Dot Pony. It has a huge selection (not necessarily all name brand) and lots of toys / baby equipment (as most of these stores do).

Hope this helps! Happy shopping!




answers from Austin on

Try Once Upon a Child at Anderson Mill Rd. and 183. They will pay you cash on the spot for clothes or give you credit towards your purchase that day. The prices are very reasonable and they only take clothes in GREAT condition.



answers from Austin on

kid to kid is by lakeline mall, in the shopping center with Tx land & cattle, barnes & noble,etc... it's right next to Cool Cuts. They have lots of good clothes & other new stuff too. good luck. I would also check out targets circo brand, they usually have shorts & shirts for $3.50 each. simple, cute, new. ( I just read the other resonses... once upon a child is good too, but the one in the railyard is no longer there, I went there in search of a dresser about 2 weeks ago & it was gone.)

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