What Consignment Store Pays the Most?

Updated on March 27, 2009
J.G. asks from Frisco, TX
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Hi mamas! I am new to Austin and have noticed that there are consignment stores all over the place! I have a ton of infant boys clothing and am ready to sell. I was just wondering if anyone has "shopped" around and found out which stores are the fairest or will give you the nost money for your items. I live in north Austin close to Oak Knoll and 183. Thanks in advance!

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I read your post yesterday, but sometimes, people do not know the answer.

My child is now in college and back in the day, most consignment stores paid about the same. They were also very picky. You will be surprised by what they will not take and how little you will be paid.

To save you time, you could call the places closest to your home and just ask them how much they pay and what they are looking for. It will save you time. Nothing worse than driving all the way across town for $10.

Also consider putting the clothes on craigslist.com or have a short garage sale with a neighbor.. I usually do one every 6 months from 7:00am to 1:00 pm on a Saturday. I advertise on craigslist and donate whatever is left over.

Take a photo and give descriptions.. Then you set the price you think is fair.

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I sold most of my baby clothes on Craigslist. If you have the time you can post the items for free. All my baby clothes sold really fast. Good luck!



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Try the Just Between Friends consignment sale. You get $70 of your asking price.

There will be one at teh end of April in N. Austin



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I like once upon a child (183 & Anderson mill)they take all seasons year round and pay you $$ on the spot. Then there is Kid to Kid by Lakeline Mall, they only take certain seasons but if you take store credit you get an extra 20% for your items. If one store does not take an item try the other. I too need to get some items out of the house.

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