Looking for an Unmonitored House Alarm

Updated on March 04, 2012
S.M. asks from Houston, TX
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We would like to get a Home Security system -- but the idea of paying $40 - $60 a month for it to be monitored really feels like such a waste of money to me! I figure I just need an alarm that will go off and make loud noises if someone tries to break in. Is there anything like that on the market? Any personal experience w/ it? If not, can anyone recommend a "cheap" monitoring company? Our family safety is important - but our budget is limited.


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I've been using ADT Security Systems for years. Cost is $33.95 a month. Well, worth it




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Can these morons not read you asked for an Unmonitored House Alarm



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I use Smith-Thompson-- http://www.smiththompson.com
I pay $16.95 per month. I rate them highly.

W. R



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Radio Shack, Lowe's and Home Depot have systems you can install that have the loud noise you want without the monitoring bill. I found some devices you attach to each window that ring loud and it saved me from a nite time home invasion with me inside. They ran away fast. Also, I have found that your car alarm can deter a person when you hear someone around your property.



answers from Dallas on

We use adt -- and our insurance has a special rate with them so we only pay like $25 a month. But the best part is we get a discount on our homeowners insurance becuase we have the alarm so the real cost is less than $10 a month. I would call your homeowners insurance and ask them if they offer a discount if you have a monitored alarm and if they have a deal with a local company. You'll be suprised that it costs less than you think.

If you decide to just get a system -- I have done that too. Back when I lived in an apartment before I was married I found a wireless system that was very easy to install. It wasn't monitored - we couldn't install anything that was permanent. And it had door alarms and a motion detector. It was over 8 years ago so I am sure things are even better now -- and I am sorry but I don't remember the name. I just searched the internet for "wireless home alarm system" and then did a little research and found one. We paid less than $200 for it. It was great at the time. It looked and sounded like a real alarm -- it just wasn't monitored.

On a personal note: I highly recommend you do something. We live in a very nice neighborhood and last fall someone tried to kick in our back door. The alarm went off and scared them away. I always thought that if you lived in a good neighborhood you didn't have to worry about things like that -- but I was wrong. And I'm glad we had the alarm system.

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