IUD Strings Poking

Updated on February 16, 2007
A.V. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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I just got a Mirena IUD put in a few days ago and I can feel the ends of the strings poke me when I sit down. (They also bother my husband.) I was told that they will soften and curl up. Has any one else experienced this? How long did it take to soften?

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your responses. I took your advice and went back in to have them trimmed. The doctor could not trim them because they are too short causing them to poke. She told me to wait a few weeks and see if they curl and if not I will have to have a new IUD put in with longer strings.

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You can go in and have the ends trimmed a bit. I've had mine since August and I don't think the strings have really softened up at all and my husband doesn't notice them at all. So maybe yours are just too long?



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Weird - I am dealing with the exact same thing and I think I must have the same midwife as one of the other posters because I don't think there are many male midwives around!

At any rate, I got mine about a month ago and the strings were very painful for a few days (like when you have a tampon inserted wrong). Just when I was about to go in and get the IUD checked it got better. Now I occassionally feel them, but it is just uncomfortable and goes away once I move around a bit.

I was thinking about calling the nurse line and asking her about it. I'll be interested in hearing what other people say.



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My OB told me that I could either come back into the office and she could trim them shorter or my husband could try to do it himself. Mine were trimmed short enough the first time, so I didn't have to go back in or make my husband try to do it.



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That's weird...my midwife told me that he would need to actually cut the end of the string or something like that. I haven't experienced anything like that, but I was told that I should go see them so they can adjust the string so it doessn't poke when it happens.

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