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Updated on August 14, 2013
M.T. asks from Naperville, IL
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I have a problem with finding a good bra. My straps always fall down and I'm not sure why. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good bra?? One that the straps don't fall down, with good support.

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answers from Chicago on

I have a friend that has her own business that fits people with really comfortable bras. I love mine!

Her saying is "I'll take you from sagging to bragging and I'll never you hanging!"

Message me if you'd like her contact information.

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answers from Appleton on

I was a bra fitter at Penney's for 3 yrs. I do not recommend Victoria Secret for a fitting. Every woman who came to me for a fitting, who had had a fitting at VS was fitted wrong. One lady had been told she needed a 36 DDD and had not been comfortable for 10 yrs. I re-measured her and put her in a 40 B and for the first time she was comfortable.

If your shoulders slope down or are narrow look for bras that have the straps attached toward the middle of the bra especially in the back. The closer the straps are to the center, or hooks, in the back the better it will fit your shoulders. Also look carefully at the back of the bra some bras have a small hook on the circle where the straps adjust. You can use this hook to T strap your bra. You may also find T strap bras fit better.

I recommend you call Penney's and make an appointment for a fitting. Give yourself plenty of time, with some ladies it took an hour and a half to find a good fitting bra the customer liked.

Remember just as every pair of shoes in your size do not fit your feet ---- not every bra in your size will fit you.

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answers from Boston on

It's not the particular bra - it's finding one for your body type. There's more to bra fitting than cup size - if you have sloping shoulders (as I do), the straps of many bras slip, yet the bra is fine for other women.

You need a good fitter. Go to a good store that has trained professionals, not just people trying to push the bra with the highest profit margin. Good department stores often have someone, and chains that specialize in bras like Lady Grace are usually good too. Be willing to let the woman see you in your bra and be comfortable enough to let her adjust a little, which means touching you! Take 2 different bras with you and show her the problem. If you have a particular shirt you are trying to have fit properly, wear that or take it with you as well. Be willing to spend good money on the right bra, and don't be afraid to say if something isn't comfortable or doesn't meet your qualifications. For example, I really don't like my nipples to show through the bra - that's me. So I tell the fitter that.

A sports bra works for me for the gym because the "T" back automatically keeps the straps from sliding. But that doesn't work for regular clothes. There are also bra strap attachments that can help with existing bras - you can buy them at any good bra department. They pull the straps together and can adjusted to some degree, but they also may make straps visible around the neck and don't work for most tank tops. That's why it's so important to tell the fitter how you will be wearing the bra.

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answers from New York on

I like "convertible" bras - many brands make one - you can unhook the straps and rearrange them into a halter style, cross back, etc.

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answers from Chicago on

Nordstrom does an excellent job of bra fitting and they have a wide selection of styles, brands and sizes. My daughter and I have worked with several different fitters there and they've all been great. You don't need an appointment, just show up in the lingerie department and ask for a fitting.

I also have trouble with straps slipping off my shoulders, a couple of good bra styles to solve that are t-back or leotard back.

I advise against Victoria's Secret-- they want you to fit to their bra sizes, not the other way around. Their sizing is pretty limited, and if you don't conform they don't mind selling you an incorrect size.

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answers from Chicago on

I have the same problem because I have somewhat narrow shoulders. I usually end up "modifying" them by cutting the hook sections off the back and then sewing them back on to make the straps closer in the back where they are attached. Not sure if that make sense or not. Another option I've used it the convertible type that allow me to cross the straps in the back.

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answers from Dallas on

Go to Nordstroms or Neimans and get fitted for a good bra. . If you don't have those stores in your area... Department stores such as Dillard's has good bra fitters.

They will help you find the right bra for you. I personally like Wacoal and they have several styles that are not Grandma. I like seamless with no lining but they also have others with seams and lacy decor too.

I pay about $60 per bra and it is very worth it.... Especially to wear a good fitting bra that last a long time!

Never go to Victorias Secret for a fitting. They have cutesy bras but most are overpriced and do not fit a normal woman .

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answers from Jacksonville on

I'm a 38 C and have been on the hunt for the perfect bra for years. It has to be comfy, not padded, not too fancy but pretty and feminine. I think I finally found it -the body by Victoria perfect coverage bra! It is so soft want its not padded, but it is lined so your nipples don't poke through. Its also very pretty! Oh and the straps are convertible.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Entirely depends on what size you need.

I go to Lane Bryant stores in OKC and try on tons of bra's before I find the right ones. I always go back to the same old one too.

I get Cacique.

If I get a 40 it's a tiny bit snug around. I get the DD cup in all sizes. I get a 42 and fasten it on the innermost hooks. This brings the straps closer together.

You might consider that your bra is too big around if the straps are always falling down. That means the straps aren't going across the shoulders like they are supposed to fit. They should be snug to begin with. Tighten them up by sliding the movable part up the strap. I have to almost always move mine all the way in so they are super tight.

If you have money J C Penney's used to have a bra fitter that toured and went to a different store each day. They can fit you perfectly.



answers from Chicago on

I hear spanx makes fantastic bras. Nordstom is great at Oakbrook mall.



answers from Chicago on

Go to Tina's Closet in downtown Lisle and have her help you. She's really good and will find the best bra for you.



answers from Chicago on

Gap Body also makes great bras!!



answers from Chicago on

contact a rep with essential body wear - my rep is Dot Adcock - her email is [email protected] have a great product



answers from Phoenix on

I like Intimacy stores, but not sure if there is one close to you. Prima Donna bras are the best!! Pricey, but worth it. I bought 4 and rotate them and wash once a week. They have lasted 5 years with no wear!



answers from Chattanooga on

Go to Victoria's Secret, and get fitted (it's free) so you know for sure you have the right size. (Or look up how to do it yourself, if you have measuring tape handy.)

I have found that my bra straps are always too long. I have to cut about 3 inches off from where it attaches, then re-sew, even with different brands and styles. It's a pain, but it works. Lol.

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