I Need a Bra Tutorial!

Updated on December 10, 2010
L.M. asks from Riverton, UT
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I have nursed four babies and am as flat as a woman can be, please don't judge, but I've decided now to have an augmentation (a modest one, I only want what I had in High School). Here's my problem, I've worn padded size A bras for years and they are lumpy and dent in the middle. I will throw them out when I become a size B, but then what?? What kind of bra should I buy? Do thin ones show what's underneath? Are push-ups uncomfortable? That is the extent of my bra knowledge and I need help! What can you tell me?

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answers from Anchorage on

Go to Victoria's secret. They can help you find just the right one. my favorite are the full coverage lightly lined cotton ones, but I am very busty. They have a ton of super cute ones for those who need less support. Have fun!

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answers from Dallas on

Just wanted to say that Nordstrom's is the best fitting like many others have said. You can take that info and go to other stores, but they are SO helpful at Nordstrom. They are expensive though, so sometimes I go and get all the fitting info and type recommendation, buy one there and then go somewhere and spend less $ on a few more.

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answers from Honolulu on

I found great bra help... at Nordstrom's. By the sales clerks there.
Or try any good department store.
GOOD quality padded bras... should NOT get lumpy.

I wear the Calvin Klein brand. Love it. Their t-shirt bras.

Yes, thin bras will show the nipple underneath and under your clothes.

And always wash your bras... in a net lingerie bag, in the washer.

all the best,

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answers from Los Angeles on

You do NOT need push-ups.
Ask me in a private message if you'd like me
to expand (heh heh) on this opinion.
Browse some of the bras online to see all the kinds of styles.
Also, if you're near a (what we used to call) good department store --
Macy's, Nordstrom's, etc. -- they have "fitters",
women who will measure you, ask you questions.
You could go in and ask a fitter to help you.
You don't HAVE to buy what she's selling
but she'll recommend different possibilities.
Do you have any close friends who look approximately the same size
as you expect to be? If so, perhaps you could ask one or two of them
what they wear and why they like them.
Brands I have liked over the years include
Bali, Warners, Fruit of the Loom, some (not all) Playtex.
I've heard Wacoal is very good but they are very very expensive.

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answers from New York on

You need to go to a lingerie store, or a dept store with a good quality lingerie dept. Make sure you get measured so you'll know what size to get. Then select lots of different styles in your size. When you try them on, move around, bend over, stretch, jump up and down, the movements you make in everyday life. Then put your shirt on to see how the bra looks with your clothing.

Pick out 2 or 3 styles you like and only buy one of each style. Then put it to the real test. How does it work in real life? Once you find one or two styles that work for you, wait for a sale and stock up.

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answers from Seattle on

You'll need to do fittings and try them all. For different body types and different people (even with the same body type), different bras feel better.

Personally, I like an underwire demi with thin/non stretchy straps. And I like lace. They are the single most comfortable / don't know I'm wearing one/ wear it for 24 hours / keeps the girls where I want them kind of bras. For others with my exact same cup size they may hate underwire, or demis, or thin straps, or non stretchy straps.

I highly recommend Nordstroms for fittings. They have the BEST fitters of anywhere I've ever been, anywhere in the country.

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answers from Spartanburg on

I went bra shopping on black friday...I have nursed two kids and I haven't worn a bra in over 4 yrs (I'm small and would wear tank tops with built in support). SO. Go to a big department store or lingere shop (I went to Victoria's Secret) and have a sales person fit you. I was measured and told the sales lady what I wanted (a pushup) and that I didn't wear bras. I tried them all on, the sales lady checked the fit for me in the dressing room, and I bought two FANTASTIC bras that are the most comfortable things ever! BUT I would never have figured it all out w/o professional help! Good Luck and have fun!

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answers from Houston on

Body by Victoria... not padded, but just enough substance there to not show when you are "cold". And no frilly lace or bows or weird seam lines either that would otherwise look lumpy under a shirt.

Underwire bras have been recently linked to breast cancers and tumors in the medical journals, so I stay away from those.

Victoria Secrets, Nordstroms... all do bra fittings which can help you find what you need. I'm going to guess though, you wont know your true size until a while after the augmentation due to swelling and such.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I wear semi padded push ups.. to me it's more comfortable. Lacy bras and some fabrics rub against me and make me feel itchy. You should get a bra fitting afterwards so you know exactly what to get and then you can try on different styles and see what your comfortable in.

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answers from Tucson on

i personally like Biofit by Victorias secret..it is slightly padded..just enough that you dont poke an eye out when it is cold..lol..and it has various degrees of support based on your cup size!

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answers from Washington DC on

Haha, you are going to have some fun. After the big day, get to a nice department store like Nordstrom and ask for a bra fitting where they will measure you and tell you what size you are. And pick out lots of bras and try them on. Bring a couple shirts so you can check the styling and how they show through.

I am a B to C. I don't like padding because I don't feel I need it, and I feel like it shows through my clothes (the edge of the cup shows). I like sheer or natural bras disigned not to show, like Body by Victoria at Victoria's Secret. Sometimes they show too much especially through thin clothes, so I prefer a light lining. I like underwires because since breastfeeding two children, I feel the "lift" helps. Sometimes after the end of a long day or if I have a bad bra, I do get a little sore. But mostly I don't notice.

Keep in mind you will be carrying more "weight." The wider the strap, the better.

Have fun!

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answers from Portland on

I found a real lady's shop that sells foundation garments, etc. and got a fitting there. You are going to get the best service at a place like this because they are usually very knowledgable regarding their product, and you can ask for something "light but concealing" etc. The women at these shops know their stuff, and sometimes the price is less than at a department store. (Some may charge a fitting fee, which is often waived with the purchase of a bra.)

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answers from Grand Junction on

you need to go to victoria secrets and get fitted for a bra. You can try them ALL on. Trust me they all fit different. I had an augmentation and I wear both push up and regular. But it took a long time to find comfort after.
(I wear the push up because I still have no cleavage. The push up offers cleavage when needed/wanted.)

BTW...hope this isn't too personal. A good piece of advice my doctor gave me is to go slightly larger than you normally would. He said a lot of people wake up and see the size (which is huge because you are very swollen) and then after swelling goes down they can get some what disappointed.

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answers from New York on

At a B cup you'll pretty much have your pick of the styles out there. I don't know much about augmentation but I've always had the impression that they'll sort of support themselves, so you won't have to worry too much about support (and at a B cup you wouldn't need all that much support anyway).

You can get decent bras at Target (the Gilligan & O'Malley brand is inexpensive and pretty), or if you want really quality, try the lingerie section of a good department store, or even an actual lingerie store. Try on lots - boobs are all shapes, so even within your size you'll find some bras fit great and some don't. In some brands you may even need a different size altogether.

Thin ones shouldn't show much unless it's very cold (*ahem*); I always wear a cami or a sweater if I have a thin bra on, just in case.

The main thing to remember is that your back should be supporting 90% of the weight; only 10% should be on the shoulder straps.

So on to *my* question :) - so nursing babies makes your boobs smaller? I'm nursing now and am praying I go at least back to "normal" after I wean, but if I went down even more that would be fantastic! (I guess our boobs are always the wrong size, huh)

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answers from Kansas City on

just a heads up, i recently discovered something called the brava bra. it is about the third of the cost of plastic surgery and it is a suction bra that you leave on for a certain amount of the day. it can help bring back the firmness and add size to your breasts. you also buy it outright, so you can use it again later to continue to re-plump your breasts.

anywho, as far as bras go, trying them on is really going to be your only option. makers are just so different and breasts are made so different it is hard to tell.

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answers from Chicago on

When I was younger with no kids, I would go to Victoria's Secret and buy theirs. I would get fitted there, there really isn't much to getting fitted. I have found since being broke from 2 spoiled kids (he he) that going to Target and buying bras there is pretty much the same thing. And a heck of a lot cheaper! I don't like to wear thin ones because I am always afraid something may show through my shirts. So I buy them with just a tiny bit of padding. I wear a 36B. Hope this helps!

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answers from Washington DC on

The only advice I have is get to a good store and have yourself measured properly so you know you are wearing the correct size , a bra that fits properly does wonders for your size and shape. After the augmentation I doubt you will need any "extra" help. My friend (who did not have a lot up top either) has just had hers done , she got 300cc which is pretty much the smallest and this has taken her to a full size B cup....they are amazing! , do not look like a "boob job" at all , it is the perfect size for her frame and build.

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answers from Dallas on

Go to the Maddox Shop in Casa Linda. They do the best bra fitting. Its great.

To answer your question: Thin ones show what is underneath.
Pushups, in my opinion, are not uncomfortable.

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