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Updated on June 29, 2011
M.W. asks from Saint Cloud, MN
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OKAY! Mamapedia pulled my post again! They asked me to kindly rephrase it so it won't get pulled AGAIN! If you posted the first time, you can post again so everyone can see!


Have any of you moms ever won an online giveaway? I have a friend who finds things to "like" on facebook and has won a couple times. So I started looking too. And I won! SUPER EXCITED! I'll post in my what happened what it was after I get some responses.

My questions are:

1:) Have you won?

2:) What?

3:) How do you FIND the contests?

To answer some of the responses I got before mp pulled my post. I haven't given any info except my email address. I don't give out "personal info". If I get some spam, I just blacklist the sender...... Haven't gotten any junk yet though! And I HAVE won some stuff from local radio stations too. Tickets. small prizes (pepsi cooler and 12-pack), shirts, etc. But NOTHING like what I just won!

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So What Happened?

First I won an over-night hotel stay at a local water-park hotel. And just a couple days ago I won a Britax grand prize worth over $800! Haven't gotten it yet but am SO excited! We LOVE Britax (have a Regent, 3 Frontier 85's, and the Chaperone and stroller) and can't wait to get these new products.

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answers from Sacramento on

I won 4 tickets to a water park from a radio station about 10 years ago! LOL ~ I think that is the last time I won something......

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answers from Sheboygan on

I just won 4 subs from Subway from my local news station via Facebook a couple of days ago!!! I'm pretty sure it was the first time I ever won anything...

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answers from Columbia on

I won a year supply of Tide for writing a story. That was an awesome prize!

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answers from Jacksonville on

All I've "won" is a coupon here or there for a free item (like Arby's had a free chicken salad sandwich one)... but I don't do very many of those.

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answers from Kansas City on

I won a custom tutu for my daughter from a page on facebook.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I won a Marmadukde DVD from a mom's blog from one of the fellow moms from my MOMS club a few months ago, and recently through Macaroni Kid giveaways won a Barielle nail product and apparently a deodorant, don't recall the name, haven't received it yet. You also have to like them on Facebook. Now that I've actually won a few things I've been signing up for other giveaways on Facebook and will continue to do the Macaroni Kid. Recently Amazon had multiple prizes for Father's Day, though obviously with the amount of people participating in those, the odds of winning are close to nil, but someone's gotta win!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I "like" Hunt4Freebies and Frugal Girls! on FB, and they're always posting contests to enter.

I mostly go for coupons for free items on FB, I just got one for $4.95 off Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner night before last. In the past I've won bus passes for a month through our local transit company, and dinners for 2 to a restaurant at Knott's Berry Farm (local theme park.) The biggest item I've won was a big screen TV valued at $1,400, all I had to do was write a short story about my dad : )

Like you I only give out my email addy, then if and when I win an item I give my name and mailing address for them to send it out.

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answers from New York on

I called into a radio station a few months ago thinking I was trying to win Elton John tickets. It wasn't a station I usually listen and I don't know what made me call (except I would have liked the tix). I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I won $500! A little paperwork and viola - check showed up a few weeks later. So fun.


answers from San Antonio on

1.) Yes I've won stuff.

2.) I have won a few little things ($25 gift card to a hotel which I still haven't used, $10 gc to Lowes, a free apron, free samples, etc) All of my freebies or "wins" I will do by signing up my email address and often physical address. I have not done ANY on FB (don't have FB).

3. www.freebies4mom.com I even made an email address JUST for junk mail. (a lot of samples/freebies you must sign up to be a member so I give that email address).

The best is my bday. I get freebie coupons emailed to me from:
Baskin Robbins (free kids size-scoop)
Marble Slab Creamery (free cup/cone no fixins)
Cold Stone sends a BOGO coupon
Red Robin (free burger)
Fuddruckers (free burger)
Binehana's (free meal)
Sonic (free creamslush or tots or drink)
Double Daves (free buffet, drink not included)
All of those listed above (maybe not Soni or DDaves) are found at freebies4mom.com --- the instructions on how to sign up.


answers from Dallas on

I won a beautiful 8x10 photograph of a wolf in the snow from a fb page. My oldest son loves wolves, so I framed it and gave it to him as a gift. :)


answers from Minneapolis on

I have a pal who is a "sweeps" junkie and over th years has won many things...lots of gift bags with products..make up, body wash, lotions, etc...household cleaners, gift cards to all sorts of stores and restaurants. She won a trip once to an in-state casino/hotel (a package deal for hotel, meals, a concert there and extras like massages and such..pretty big deal)....and won a mid range computer too. But she does this ALL..THE..TIME and has before the techie stuff was more popular for it..mailing in stuff, etc. Now she spends alot of time each day doing daily entries for every darn thing.

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