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Updated on March 30, 2011
K.K. asks from San Diego, CA
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Hi, i've never in my life used coupons because i'm lazy but i would like to, i don't mind coupons, and if it will save me money..why not? So, my question is, where can i get coupons? We don't get the news paper delivered with all the weekend specials..so is there anywhere else I can get coupons that really work. Where do you find coupons and is it really worth it?

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answers from Rochester on

There are lots of websites from which you can print coupons, but I find that my best coupons come from the Sunday paper...I enjoy reading it, it only costs 1.50, and I save WAY more than that with the coupons I get from it. Also, you can contact ANY company and request coupons, and some of them will just send you a bunch...I do this with products I like. Also, whenever there is something WRONG with a product I buy (food or household, fast food, anything) I always contact the company, and they always send coupons for free products.

My best advice with coupons is cut only the ones for things you would normally buy (it's not a deal to save a quarter on something you wouldn't have bought otherwise) and then see if they are on sale...extra savings. It works great. I save at LEAST fifteen a month off of a $100 household shopping bill (stuff that isn't groceries) and probably twenty or thirty on my monthly grocery shopping...and that's just from the paper.

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answers from Jacksonville on

coupon mom
Southernsavers.com (I think it is).
And just go into your regular grocery store and see if they have any up front. I shop at Publix here, and when you first go into the store, they have one of those spinning racks where their weekly ad is on display. Well, that's not all that is on display there. They also have magazine quality ads that are chock full of store coupons-- not manufacturer coupons. So you can "stack" them. Which, to the un-initiated, means that you can use them together. Both the Publix (or Target, or whatever store) coupon PLUS the manufacturers coupon, on the same product at the same time.
I did this for my son's allergy medication (allegra) when it went over the counter recently. Publix had it on sale, AND had a PUBLIX coupon on their display rack in front of the store ($5.00 off) and Allegra had a manufacturer's coupon out. I've done it for Zyrtec too. Publix coupon PLUS Zyrtec manufacturer's coupon... for a total of like, $9.00 off one 30 day bottle.
If you have certain products you buy regularly, see if they have a website and sign up for coupons there. Zone bars sends out coupons to my email address. Same with Indian River juices. And even Old Navy!
And remember competitor coupons. A lot of stores will honor the store coupon for a competitor, like my local Publix, will honor a Target coupon, b/c Target is right around the corner.

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answers from St. Louis on

I save at least $10 every time i go grocery shopping.

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answers from Portland on

coupons.com and redplum.com. I also read a local blog frugallivingnw.com that tells me where to get the best deals. I'm sure there is a blog local to your area that will do the same thing. The key to couponing is matching coupons to sales. If a box of pasta normally sells for $2 but is on sale for $1 and you have a $.75 cent off coupon then you pay $.25 a box. When there are good sales like that you stock up on those items. You can go online to look at your local store's sale ads and see what coupons you have that match up. Most papers have great coupons on Sundays, maybe run out and get a paper on Sundays only.

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I go out and buy 2 Sunday papers every week (check to make sure they're in there 1st- sometimes they're missing) It costs me about $3 to get 2 papers, but I save WAY more than that. Also coupons.com and couponmom.com.
I shop at 2 different grocery stores, and I always compare the sales in the flyers 1st. You can do this online too. I buy the things I need wherever the price is better, and add coupons to the sales whenever possible. Occasionally I even wind up getting the item free (usually toothpaste).

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answers from Kansas City on

I use them and YES!! They are worth it!

My favorite coupon blog is www.couponsdealsandmore.com
There is a page with over a thousand printable coupons, and a page with hundreds of printable rebate forms! Ann (the writer) is VERY knowledgeable, as she has been couponing and rebating for over 25 years. She is wonderful about answering questions in emails or in the comments.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

All the good sites have been listed already by previous posters so I won't repeat them. I would say, though, that you should look into getting the Sunday paper delivered. Delivery is much cheaper than buying a paper at the store every week, and it's more convenient, and you don't have to worry that someone stole the coupons out of the paper before you bought it. It's a good deal.

Also, there are coupon clipping services you can find online. I haven't used one of these personally (yet) so I can't suggest one to you, but do an internet search for them. You can order coupons from them for just the products you would use, and you can order more than one of the same coupon, which is nice.

One last thing, there is a new show on TV starting next week about "extreme couponing"--there are coupon gurus out there who can go to the store and get hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for, like, ten dollars or so. It's amazing to watch, might get some pointers from it, I dunno. Anyway if I remember correctly it starts April 6th on TLC.

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answers from Spokane on

The stores will often have fliers that may have a coupon or two in it besides just stating the sale prices. Sometimes stores will print out coupons along with your receipts. Occasionally stores will post coupons by a product that they're selling. I'm more inclined to use those, especially if the item is already on sale. I don't get the Sunday paper fliers but I really need to start doing that. Oh, and look in magazines too. But be careful of coupons printed offline. Not all stores will accept them. Two of my local groceries won't because too many people were making fake coupons. :( So check around at the stores you like to use and find out before taking a coupon down and finding out that they won't honor it. It saves time and money (when you think of the ink, paper, and gas involved).

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answers from Boston on

If you're new to coupons the grocery game may help you organize. I loved it. Now I do it on my own but I'm not as good. You do have to get the Sunday paper. I used to file them by month and then only clip what I needed based on the grocery game.

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answers from Lincoln on

if you go to target.com at the bottom of the page there is link to click for coupons. here's a link http://coupons.target.com you just print what you need. some other stores in your area might have some too. I think sometimes if you go to a companies website you might be able to get on mailing lists

Oh ya and super Target here will use more than 1 coupon per item and expired coupons. I've used up to 3 coupons for 1 item with 2 of those being 1-3 months expired. I have gotten Pampers for $3.99!

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answers from Phoenix on



All great resources.

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answers from Savannah on

Pick up the Sunday paper, anywhere. That's where I get pages of coupons.


answers from New York on

Somebody post a couple days ago about Target coupons, I don't remember her name but thanks.