Do You Think You Get More Responses to Your Questions Depending on When You Ask?

Updated on May 01, 2012
V.M. asks from Conneaut, OH
6 answers

are certain nights better than others? certain time of the day? and how do time zones work into this. I'm on the EAst cost. just curious. I have mamapedia up from 4 pm-10pm and check it all the time obsessively, but i know alot of you are on at work.

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So What Happened?

I guess i kind of figured while east coast people night not be on during dinner time, people in other times zones might be.

And even those that post in the middle of the night -- I would tthink-well at least i go back and start were i left off, so if i check before bed and then check wihen i get home from work I would see the middle of the night post and respond if appropriate,-- so i would think it would have equal opportunity eventually, maybe not immediately but with in a day.

Just bugs me when i post something and then 20 other posts come up and mine gets buried. oh well. no biggie.

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answers from St. Louis on

Think about when most people will be online, that is your peak times. Weekdays during the day are best.

My personal favorite is when someone posts something in the middle of the night and then complains the next day that they didn't get enough responses. Errr

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answers from New York on

i think so.. iv definatley noticed that u get a lot less responces on weekends no matter what time u ask.. i guess everyones out with the kiddies =)

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answers from Phoenix on

I think it depends on the person. For example, I work from home, part time. So I am on here all day from 8:10 (after the kids leave for school) until 3:15 (when they get home). I'm rarely on here at night or weekends. If I am, its because hubby is watching the game and I'm bored. But I try to ask my questions either in the morning or early afternoon so there is a better chance of catching the most people. Monday mornings are crazy for me because I literally go backwards from Monday morning until I signed off Friday afternoon so I get caught up! LOL! And in the weekday mornings, I go back thru all of them until I get to where I left off the day before. I'm not TOTALLY obsessed...but just a little! LOL!!!

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answers from Redding on

I do believe we work in shifts. I'm usually on in the morning with my coffee, go to work and then get back on in the afternoon when I'm off work.

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answers from Dallas on

I pretty much only respond or post during the day, I don't sign on much at night or on the weekends.

I know... I should be working. :)

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answers from Honolulu on

Everyone is in a different time zone.

Between Ohio (your state), and Hawaii it is 6 hours difference.

Prime time, is different for everyone.
But in the odd hours, like dinner time or after midnight, not many may be here. Since that is when many are with the kids/making dinner/doing the homework or bedtime routines etc. And if some are here after midnight, it is because that is the time they can get to themselves. But other than that, they are sleeping.
Or on weekends, many are not here because everyone is home or not home, and weekend schedules are busy.

So yes, responses vary per what time you post a question.

For me, I am online here and with other things, when the rest of my family is not home. I work part-time too. Nights and after the kids & Husband are home, I am not here so much. Nor on the weekends.

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