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Updated on November 02, 2010
L.F. asks from Ickesburg, PA
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Hello Mamas- I am trying to get my lay-a-way figured out and have decieded to break down an dget my kids a game console. My problem is I am not sure whihc one to go with now that there are so many. Does anyone have any experiances-good or bad? I am looking at the Wii and the playstation. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

Just to add my son is almost 9 and my daughter is almost 7. But my boyfriend would like to play with them soooooo, something for the younger ones and us as well. ?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

According to the men in my family XBOX has the best graphics for many of the games-all the sports games and action games play better on it. Wii is most fun for people that are not into typical video games-women mostly. But truthfully-it was really fun when we first got it but I never use the Wii now.

FYI: The new Microsoft Connect for xbox is going to be much better than the wii as far as interactivity. It is truly the next thing in gaming and makes what the wii can do look old fashioned by comparison. Target has the XBOX Connect bundle on sale this week where you get a $20 gift card for buying it.

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answers from Victoria on

We have both and only the teenager plays the PS3. My 9 and 4 year old daughters love the Wii. You will too- its lots of fun as a family

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answers from Chicago on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY PS3, yes it is mine, my hubby and I have our own. But with kids, I would look at the game options in their age group to see who has the best options for you/your kids before you make the investment. The employees at places like GameStop would be good to have this conversation with.

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answers from Philadelphia on

The Wii is great for kids and adults! It's very interactive and there's a lot of potential for interactive family time... Especially with the Wii Fit and sports games, etc...

My only complaint is that the graphics are pretty childish... However, your 7 and 9 year old won't mind...

I bought my Dad a Wii last year thinking he'd enjoy using it to exercise. He instantly returned it for a XBox 360 (He joked that Wii is for kids and old people...) If your husband enjoys playing with his kids then he'll appreciate the Wii as well........... if he's a serious video-gamer, then he might want more advanced graphics... (My Dad and husband both play their Xbox all of the time. Ha ha) However, my husband will play the Wii all of the time as well... but mentions how poor the graphics are.

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answers from Erie on

We have a Wii and love it! My son is 4 and absoutely loves to play it. There's the Wii fit "game" that you can buy and it's full of interactive things to get him (and all of us!) off his butt and moving around.



answers from Seattle on

xBox is our fav (and what we have)... but the people I know who were choosing between PS & Wii went with PS for the blue ray player.



answers from Cleveland on

The geeks in this house have ALL the systems (they drive me crazy). The hands down winner is the Xbox for both selection and graphics.



answers from New York on

My daughters are 13 & 15, and I've always said no video games allowed in our house. We have friends and family that have the Wii system. I'm very impressed by the fact that it's something that the whole family can do together, and we've all enjoyed sharing their Wii systems with them.



answers from Lancaster on

wii we have one and have 4 kids 9,6,5,1 and the 3 big ones play all the time me and hubby enjoy it too, actually grandparents come to play w the kids too. love the wii you can do alot with it and its something that gets the kids off their butts to play!



answers from Honolulu on


We have Wii and Playstation.
Xbox... is by far... the most versatile... and fun... for the whole family, of all ages. And yes, they do have age appropriate games/activities for the kids of all ages.
AND you can also watch movies on it etc, and go online with it.



answers from Chicago on

We have Wii my husband & 6 yr old son use 5 yr old girl is starting to......there is a new game system coming out Nov 4th, suppose to be the hot xmas item, it's xbox kinect, i guess it's like Wii but you don't have any controllers.....i am not a gamer, i just saw this in a sales ad



answers from Scranton on

My opionion get either the WII or playstation 2 we have the playstation 3 and i would trade it in a heart beat there is nothing special about the blue ray compared to regular dvds the games are soooo expencive!!!!! At least the Wii they have a lot of games cheap, and it seems like the games that are coming out we want are either on Wii or Playstation 2. The only good thing about the playstation 3 is you can get netflix on it but i have read you can do that on the wii too..oh btw my son is 5 and my husband are the ones that play the playstation and even my husband said we should have gottent he Wii



answers from Pittsburgh on

We have both the PS3 and the Wii. The playstation is coming out with the interactive pieces to make it just like the Wii. I would personally choose the PS3 bc it also has the blue ray player.

All of the systems pretty much will come out with the same game. Im sure Wii will have their own set as well.



answers from Saginaw on

I would have to say's a great family game system. We don't have one, but my parents do and we all play it together. The youngest player is 3 1/2 and the oldest is 58, so it's fun for everyone!



answers from Phoenix on

depends on the age of your kids. If you have teens, then playstation 3 but if they are younger then Wii. We have both and the kids play with the Wii and my hubby and I play with the playstation. The Wii is fun cause it has the movable remotes (but playstation just came out with there own). The plus to the Playstation is that it is also a blueray dvd player and you can instatnly stram your netflix to it (no need for disc for netflix like you do with Wii).Look at the games for both and I would make your decicions based in the games you want.

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