Wii? Xbox? Playstation?

Updated on November 15, 2011
E.T. asks from Albuquerque, NM
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Ladies - I need some advice. My husband has started mentioning that he'd like a gaming system for our TV, but neither of us have any idea which one would make sense. We're hoping for something that our family could play with together now and as our girls get a bit older (they're 4.5 year old twins). So something that offers decent family games. And my husband would probably play some adult games - he's not into anything too violent, loved the SIMS and Xplane on his computer years ago. That type of stuff. We don't spend a lot of time watching TV or playing video games - so this will be used a few hours a week maybe. We already have a computer hooked to the TV for DVDs (but would get rid of it if the game system could do DVDs) and have a DVR system through DirectTV so I don't need anything to record TV programs.

Tracy's response made me realize: MADDEN! Yes - that's the game my husband will play. Can that be played on all of the systems?
What's the best choice for us?

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answers from Kansas City on

For Madden Football - Do NOT get the Wii!!! It was the most horrible thing we have ever played! I love Madden on the Playstation and have never used an XBOX. My husband also hated the Madden on the Wii, so we had to get it on Playstation 2 because we do not have 3 yet.

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answers from Dallas on

I'm in the same spot. I want something active for my littles to play, but still want to be able to get Madden type games for my husband. I've decided I'm going to get XBOX Kinect. To me, it combines the good parts of PS3 with the good parts of Wii. It's more than a Wii, less than a PS3. To me, it's a good compromise and going to grow with them, hopefully at least. Who really knows how long before an electronic is going to be obsolete!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I say ps3 is awesome because it's also a blue ray player and you dont have to pay for the internet like the xbox but I don't think they have many kids games for it. I think the wii is a family system. I played it and thought its a lot of fun.

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answers from St. Louis on

If you are looking for all around I would say the Xbox kinect. They make games for every member of the family. Heck if turned my back my older son would sneak over and grab ours.

I have the other systems as well, I think I have at some point owned every gaming system. Xbox is the best thing going.

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answers from Honolulu on

My question and comment is:
IF... your husband wants a gaming system for "him"... then I recommend XBOX.

IF it is also going to be used, for the kids... then: Xbox or Wii or Playstation.

We have all of these.
But, per my Husband and his gaming... he uses the XBOX and there are many adult games for it. Versus kiddie games.
Now... anticipate... that if your Husband is playing his games in a common area... then no matter what game he is playing, then it would have to be kid appropriate.
Otherwise, he cannot play his guy type games... in front of the kids in the living room all together with the family.

When my Husband plays his 'guy' games... it is in another room, separate from the family room and family tv.

Wii and Playstation... has more kiddie games and is more kiddie friendly.
Kinect... is more kid friendly too.

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answers from Dallas on

We have the PS3, had the Xbox years ago, before the kinect, which I think is a great option... We had the Wii but it's broken right now... Anyway, I think either the Xbox or Playstation would be better... thought the wii does have some family games, some of the more popular games are not as much fun to play on it...
If you do get it, I highly suggest you get Gamefly, most games are $50+ and the kids get bored quickly. There has been a couple of games we have bought full price, and are still being used, but for the most part, I think it's a waste of money to buy the games...We used to get two games at a time with Gamefly, but we've went back to one for our budget...

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answers from Kansas City on

We have a Wii and a Playstation 3.

For family activities we use the Wii (plus any adult games that are not violent). Kids both love it and there are so many family, kids and adult games to choose from.

Playstation 3...well if it was up to me we'd never use it. The games selection is not really geared towards family type fun. We do like Little Big Planet...but it's too difficult for our 3 and 6 year old.

Hope this helps.

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answers from Victoria on

I think you should actually ask the Game Store manager as he would know best. We have a wii and every family I know that has one loves it. Its geared to family activites not so much "gamers" but still gamers seem to be happy with it too.


answers from Rochester on

I am a diehard nintendo fan, have been since I received my first NES for Christmas in 1985. That being said, and trying not to be biased, I still think the Wii is the best "family" console platform and has the best "family" games. Games like MarioParty, My Sims, Super Mario World Wii, etc...my daughter LOVES them, not to mention all the carnival games, game show games, etc. There's more games she would like than I can buy.

My husband would probably prefer one of the other systems because there are more "shoot 'em" and "war" games on these systems, but I'm just not interested in that for our family. There are honestly enough blood/guts/sports games on the Wii to keep anyone satisfied who isn't spending all their time gaming.

Just bought Link's Crossbow Training game for the Wii, by the way, and it's awesome. :) Really looking forward to Zelda: Skyward Sword coming out in about a week, although Amazon quit carrying the bundle version with the gold Wii-mote so I'm really, tragically upset. :)


answers from Dayton on

My DH is a big gamer. We only have the XBox of those you listed. But have had Playstations in the past. My DH said a while back he would never buy a Playstation for the family as they have very few kid friendly games.
The other 2 do.
HTH! Happy gaming!


answers from El Paso on

I have a ps3. It's the best in my opinion but I dnt think there's too many kids games and the controller is the best but it's hard for my lil sister in law who is 6 to play with all the buttons. I had an xbox 360 and I got rid of it cuz we only played the ps3 but that's cuz me n DH are more into first person shooter games and sports games like madden so that aside

I think the xbox complete with the kinect is the Best for kids and family too.
Like it says in the comercial you are the cOntroller but u can use an actual control too. Also xbox has a bunch of kid games :)

Good luck finding your match lol
Hope this helped!



answers from Phoenix on

My husband and I noticed that Nintendo (WII) has the best games for younger children. Their games are also great for adults, though, but they are more on the cutsie side. It is hard to find games for the younger kids with the other systems.



answers from Des Moines on

I would suggest the XBOX 360. We have that, the Wii and one of the older Playstations and I think the XBOX is the best. My daughter easily learned the controller for that system as well and loves to play games with my husband.

PS if you are looking for a fun game the kids and adults can play...Toy Story 3. My hubby bought it for himself and our 7 year old to play and they both love it!!



answers from Washington DC on

We have a wii and xbox kinect. We had some fun on the wii but it was not really what I expected. The xbox kinect is much more interactive and you can play regular games on there as well. We don't use either all that much but in my opinion the versatility of the xbox makes it a better buy.



answers from Philadelphia on

We had playstation, we have the wii now. For christmas we are getting XBox Kinect. It looks like a ton of fun for the whole family. My husband cant wait to try the voice control feature. Ex. you say hike and the ball hikes, or change club and you change your golf club. I saw Twister advertised, that looks like fun! I must admit, it is going in the living room (not the basement) as i am just excited ;)



answers from Santa Fe on

I'm in the same boat, so am glad you've asked the question, so I get to reap the benefits of everyone's opinion. :-)

In my research, I'm really leaning towards the Xbox 360 with Kinect, though there are pros and cons to each. One reason I'm looking into getting a gaming system is to get more active, so I'd want the Wii Fit, Xbox Kinect, or PS3 with Move, and those are all about the same cost, give or take. My husband wants something that the whole family can play (he plays World of Warcraft -- 'nough said), so he's wanting to get some sort of racing game, but that means we have to buy 4 controllers (I think each comes with only 1, or maybe 2), so that would be an extra expense, though I might be able to find some used or "generic".

Wii (Fit) --
Pros: lots of family games; my kids and I have already played it at my sister's house, so we know we like it (though we've recently moved, so we haven't played it much lately); the kids (ages 5&7) don't know that there is any other type of gaming system, so while I'm pretty sure they'd like *any* game system, I *know* they'd like a Wii and be able to play their own MarioKart and stuff.

Cons: you have to use different controllers to play different games (like the little tennis racket to play tennis, a golf club to play golf, the balance board for the exercise game), and that takes up space (we are living in a small space, which makes me loathe to bring anything in that I don't have to); the graphics aren't as good as the other two; you can't expand the system nor play DVDs on it.

PS3 with Move -- (I know the least about this, since my friends recommended we get either the Xbox with Kinect or the Wii, so I haven't researched it as much)
Pros: it can play BluRay discs and stuff, and has great graphics
Cons: none that I know of, except perhaps it, like the Xbox, is geared more towards gamers instead of families, so it might not have as many kid-friendly games

Xbox 360 with Kinect -- (this is the one I'm most leaning toward)
Pros: YOU are the controller for the Kinect/motion games, so you don't have to get anything in addition to having the regular wired/wireless controllers to play games like racing, and I *really* like the idea of not having 50 different types of controllers like you have to have with a Wii to play all the games (ok, exaggerating... a little). This "forces" your whole body to be in motion, and not just your hand with the controller. (My sister said that one time her son was playing a Wii running game, and while he was supposed to be up and running in order to play it, the Wii could only sense the controller/remote that was in his hand, so he was just moving his hand back and forth very fast to imitate running, while he was sitting on the couch. :-/) The graphics are better with this than the Wii; it's expandable (more hard drive space available if you want to upgrade); you can play DVDs in it
Cons: same as PS3, plus you have to pay to connect online

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