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Updated on May 29, 2008
R.C. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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One of my closest friends is getting married in two weeks from Friday. She just purchased her gown off-the-rack today and has not yet decided on bride's maids dresses (color, style, everything is still up in the air). I need to find a great spot that has a nice selection of off-the-rack dresses somewhere in/around the metro. Any suggestions? Oh- and there are only two of us. Thanks!

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Bloomingdales has a great dress department and if there is only two of you you should have no problem with any department store.



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If there are only two of you, I would go with the department store. They'll be cheaper and just as suitbale as Davids Bridal or another Bridal Shop. Macy's, or Nordstroms would be a good start.



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I suggest shopping for dresses at a department store. I found my bridesmaid dresses at Dillard's (similar to Macy's) for my 4 attendants and they were about $50 each.

You can also check David's Bridal and the bridal shop that is on Grand Ave (sorry, I cannot remember the name!).

Best wishes!



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I second going to a department store. My bridesmaids found dresses for about $70 at Macy's.

In our case, we only found two dresses of the style we picked, but I had a total of 5 bridesmaids. We were able to order the remaining three dresses online, directly from the "designer/company" that manufactured them. It worked great for us, because two of the 5 bridesmaids lived out of town, so it made shopping really easy for them.

If you find something you like, but only one or two, just look at the paper tags attatched with the pricetag. Most print their website, and at the very least the name of the company that made it. You can then go online to see if you can order more and at the size you need.

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