Birthmark - Congenital Nevi

Updated on February 01, 2012
K.R. asks from Fort Collins, CO
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Hi moms. My almost 3 year old son was born with a birthmark about the size of two quarters put together, on his leg. My doctors have never really mentioned it much, and I've never thought anything of it. However, a few days ago my husbands and I noticed that there are some dark freckles starting to show up inside the lighter brown of the birthmark. They are very tiny and not raised up or anything - hardly noticeable.

Well I kind of got myself worried about it and started researching, and it looks like something called a congenital nevi - exactly. It's a type of birthmark that is fairly common in children, and it's not dangerous, except that like a smaller mole, there is a higher chance of eventually developing into cancer later in life (after puberty it seems). From what I read, it's often a concern of parents when they see changes in it, etc.

So obviously I intend to get this checked out by his doctor, but in the meantime, does anyone have a child with this sort of birthmark, and it is normal for it to change over the course of time, or to develop tiny freckles in it?


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answers from Houston on

From a quick google search, my daughter's birthmark is not a nevi/nevus but I did notice that as she has grown, the coloring has thinned some which also makes it appear that small freckle type dots are showing up.

Her birthmark has always been pink, and the freckle-type dots are reddish, but I assumed it was because the skin was stretching and the color was stretching with it.

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answers from Dallas on

I have spilus nevous (spiral birthmark) on my chest about a 3" circle near the collar bone. It didn't really start to show its self until I was about 3. (37 now) It is like someone swirled moles all in one spot. When I was a kid I didn't care for it so much, but I grew I really and truly loved how unique it was. I watch it and look for any extreme changes. My doctor says it is fine unless I see changes that need to be looked at.

Yes, the changes and freckles are normal.

So i say no worries. Just talk to his doctor about it at his next appointment.

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answers from Dallas on

My son and a neveus sebaceous which was a collection of oil glands, right on the temple. We got surgery because of a) the potential it could become cancerous, b) it was on his face, c) the oil glands go nuts once they hit puberty and it becomes a growth.

I say see a dermatologist to find out exactly what it is and make your decision from there. Good luck!

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answers from New York on

My daughter was born with a huge hemangioma covering most of her hand and wrist. When she was born, I was told not to worry about it. At her 3 month checkup, the doc advised I make an appt with a pediatric dermatology because there were black spots in it. Turned out her tissue was dying and she almost 9 months of laser surgery on it and was on Tylenol with codeine at bedtime every night because it was very painful. It's been shrinking on its own over the years and I've noticed black spots in it right before it starts shrinking. Anyway, I would make an appt with a pedi dermatologist to see what's going on. Hopefully, the black spots are because it's shrinking.
FYI - pedi derms are booked up far in advance, so make an appt ASAP. You could also have your reg. pedi check it out too just to ease your mind.

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answers from Dallas on

I see a dermatologist every year because I have a ton of moles. I just wanted to tell you that if you are at all concerned, it is better to go to a dermatologist rather than your pediatrician. Pediatricians and GPs (family docs) are not as experienced on skin issues.

One year, my family doctor suggested that I have 8 moles removed because they didn't look right to her. Because I had already been going to a dermatologist for several years, I knew the moles were fine. So, this doctor would have cut me up for no reason. Skin/moles is not their specialty, so I have read/heard/experienced that they don't have as much in depth knowledge on the subject.

Good luck - I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. But, for sure, good to get it checked out for peace of mind!

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