Son Has Started Getting Moles (Small, Light to Medium in Color)

Updated on January 11, 2012
S.C. asks from Troy, MI
9 answers

My son is now 6 and I noticed probably 4 to 5 months ago that he started getting moles (they look almost like freckels) very small not really raised off the skin. My doctor told me to watch to see if they change in color. But, I don't understand. Why all of the sudden would someone develope moles when they never had them (at such a young age)? IF there is anyone out there who has been through something like this please respond. Thank you

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answers from Anchorage on

None of us are born with moles. They appear over time, usually until we are middle aged. My boys were born without a mark, both got their first moles/freckles while still babies. It is all normal. I kept getting new ones occasionally until I was about 30. It is nothing to worry about, and is totally normal.

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answers from Seattle on

Most moles are genetic.

Do you have them? Or your husband? Or other close relatives?

For instance, ALL the girls on my side of the family, 3 sisters, 6 daughters between us have the same exact moles in the same exact places.

I would not worry at this young age. It's important to watch them for changes...but chances are they will appear and stay stable forever.

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answers from Detroit on

My son's first mole appeared on his forehead when he was still a newborn. It's about the size of a pencil eraser and slightly raised. He's been to the dermatologist to check that one and the others that have developed since then. He's 9 now and has about 9 moles. Doctor told me that it's not much to worry about as of now. We are African American and moles are pretty common. The doctor said to watch them for any major changes, but that it was nothing to be concerned with.

I do know that exposure to the sun can increase the chances of moles also.


answers from St. Louis on

Both my sons were born without moles, they develop over time. I know few guys that don't have them. Heck my husband is trying to get me to chart his so we can tell if there are any changes. Yeah, like a star chart only messed up.

Anyway it is perfectly normal, not sure why his doctor decided to scare you by telling you to watch them for color changes.



answers from Detroit on

I have more moles on my body than I can count or keep track of. I see the Dermatologist every 6 months for a body scan. I've noticed my girls starting to get them now as well. Only one daughter had one at birth, all the rest just seem to pop up out of no where.

Most of my moles are totally normal, and all the ones I've had removed have been fine too. But it never hurts to stay on top of it. For this part of my healthcare I follow the, "when in doubt, cut it out" philosophy. :)


answers from Hartford on

Freckles and moles develop after exposure to the sun. That's just a fact. If you see any that concern you then take your son to a Dermatologist.


answers from Dallas on

We call them beauty marks!



answers from Milwaukee on

Take him to a dermatologist if you are able to. They may be moles, freckles, or (worst case) skin cancer or neurofibromeitosis. It will ease your mind to know for sure.



answers from Detroit on

Four to five months ago puts us in the warm season. Sun exposure causes freckles and moles to develop, so I would assume that is why he is now sporting a few. My girls--5 and 6--also developed a few. It's normal. As long as they don't get irregular edges or start changing shape and become bumpy they are completely normal. My back is covered with them. I worked outside for my job for a few years, and I wore tank tops--I now have my own colony of moles.

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