Anyone Else Out There Have a Child W/ a Congenital Nevi or Has One Themself????

Updated on May 20, 2010
R.B. asks from San Antonio, TX
11 answers

My son was born w/ a congenital nevi. Its not the pink spots (Hemangioma). It is a brown spot that feels different then the rest of the skin. He is now 4 and at his 4 year ck up the doctor said without hesitation "Well we should start really keeping an eye on it around 13 to make sure it isn't cancerous" That shocked me "CANCEROUS" I just thought it was a birthmark. I've been trying to research it on the internet but everything seems so clinical and I don't know what are the odds. Should I be really worried so soon and is it really normal for hair to grow out of it??

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answers from Killeen on

i think you mean "hemangioma", not "hematoma". here is a link from wikipedia that is really informative:

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answers from Houston on

Well my son doesn't have exactly the same thing but he does have a big birth mark on his belly and several small ones in various other places. When he was really small the dr. said basically the same thing to me, that we have to watch them because they can be sign of some awful nuerological disorder. Hello, a brain disorder because of a birthmark?!! You know, I would probably research it if I was you, but I wouldn't worry at all. They always love to point out the most obscure possibilities related to something and most likely these things will never happen. My son is fine and developing great and has birth marks because they run on my mom's side. I say don't worry, he is going to do just great :) Best wishes!!!


answers from Oklahoma City on

ok I know you posted this like 2 years ago but could you tell me what ended up happening? My now 2 month old was born with these moles on her foot... she has quite a few AND her ankle is noticibly bigger than the other one. also her skin from the top of that ankle down the whole top of her foot is a shade darker than the rest of her body and a little rough. I am totally freaked out worring about it! We take her to a dermatologist at the end of the month but I'd LOVE any info you might have! Thank you!



answers from Houston on

" The lifetime risk of malignant degeneration in a large congenital nevus is approximately 6 percent. "

There was a distinction in the article between "large" and smaller con nevi, I'm not sure what your son's is considered.

Here is an article that may give you a little more information.

And seriously, doctors throw the word cancer around like it's popcorn. Don't let it freak you out. I wish they would stop doing that! There needs to be a LOT more conversation besides ones that are "CANCER"......

Good luck, I'm sure it will be fine.

Perhaps you could take him to a specialist to get some better info, or a more educated opinion. That's what I think I would do.

Good luck!



answers from Austin on

All I know is my daughter was 12 when a friend suggested we get a mole on her back checked. Turned out it was MALIGNANT MELANOMA. That's the bad skin cancer. Surgery was performed and she's had 7 or 8 more spots removed that have been fine. This past week she had her skin check and was fine. As long as the spot is checked every year or so and you are aware of what to look for, you will do fine. Check for odd shaped borders, more than one color, raised, bleeding, etc. There are great web sites but don't drive yourself crazy with them. Get a good dermatologist to do the skin checks and check your child over and just be AWARE. Wear sun screen at all times and be sure to get a good supplement for vitamin D. I could go on and on but all the doctor is doing is making you aware of what to look for. Good luck and take care of that baby!!! By the way, my daughter is 2 years clear and doing VERY WELL.



answers from Houston on

Hi R., My daughter was also born with a mole.. It had a very irregular shape.. It was kindof shaped like the state of Texas.. My regular Pedi did not see my daughter when she was born.. It was a hospital fill in.. She mentioned nothing to me about the mole.. However, I am a nurse and my hubby works at a cancer hospital so we both had our eye on the mole.. We knew exactly how big it was, color, borders, etc... We had it photographed in our minds.. Nonetheless, my pedi came across the mole at my daughter 6 month check up and he was shocked that he had never seen it before.. He informed me that when a child is born with a mole -it is more apt to turn cancerous in the early adult years around 21.. So, he referred us to a highly experienced derm in Houston.. She looked at the mole and said.. I can almost tell you that this mole is going to come back abnormal.. My heart seemed like it fellthough my chest... She told us the same thing-- that we could wait and watch.. But my husband and I decided right in her office that we wanted the mole removed.. We did not want it to grow any bigger or have to constantly worry about it.. We had the mole removed, 3 stiches were placed.. A biopsy was done it can back normal.. Praise you Jesus.. Hallelujah!!! The Dr was completely shocked that the biopsy was normal.. My best advice to you is to have the mole removed so that your son has no chance of the mole getting to an abnormal state... I have no regrets with the decision that my husband and I made... If you need the name of the dermatologist that my daughter went to--please let me know..



answers from San Antonio on


Have you checked out It's a great resource for all sorts of information and there are a couple of doctors in the San Antonio area. Maybe you can take him to one of those doctors and get a second opinion instead of waiting to see what his pediatrician is going to say. H. this helps!



answers from Corpus Christi on

I would suggest having it removed for a few reasons. First it aliviates the constant worry. Second, if it's not there it can't turn into anything. Third is completely the esthetic value. No hairs growng out of moles and such. But in the end it's up to you. Best of luck.



answers from Victoria on

I find it very odd that if he thought it might be cancerous that he would wait till he was 13. Call a skin specialist and ask them. Also see if you cant get a referral to a skin doctor and find out for sure what is going on.



answers from College Station on

My 4-year-old daughter also has a congenital nevus on her back. Our pediatrician has checked it at each check-up (has its appearance changed in ways other than getting bigger, which is expected?). At this point, she has only recommended that we keep an eye on it, but she also said that if she ever has to go under for another reason (tonsils or whatever), we might have it removed then, especially since she won't be able to monitor it herself as she gets older because of where it is.



answers from San Antonio on

get it removed- and get it done NOW. You do not want hormones to start making it grow. Whether it is cancerous or not- get a good plastic surgeon and get it off. I grew up with a girl who had these and waiting is the wrong thing to do.

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