2 Amniotic Sacs but Only One Fetus

Updated on June 30, 2010
R.B. asks from New York, NY
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Has anyone had this situation? I went for my 20 week anatomy scan and it showed that I had 2 amniotic sacs but only one fetus. they said it wont affect the fetus but i will have to come back in two months for another scan and then when i deliver the ob gyn will have to make sure to get both. I know when i was ovulating there were at least 2 eggs that were released. does that mean there were two and one miscarried?

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answers from Utica on

Hi R.
Having already had twins, you probably have heard of the vanishing twin syndrome so you could ask the OB/Gyn about that.
My story:
When I went for an ultrasound the OB found no baby and since I was 40, he was sending me for D&C. OK by law they have to do the bigger ultrasound test. I was having some cramping when anyone touched my stomach, so the rubbing was uncomfortable. I finally said its ok OB already said it was an empty pregnancy. I never saw anyone move so quickly to show me the screen, pointing out Baby A, and Baby B, and ultimately the fibroid tumor. Later I delivered twin girls 5'11" and 6'8"
They are now 18 and after years of homeschooling they are in college majoring in fine arts, and the other journalism.
God bless you and give you peace
K. SAHM married 38 years== adult children 37,32, and the twins.



answers from New York on

Hi R.,

Likely there were 2 fertilized eggs and one simply failed to develop - blighted ovum. There was never anything that developed to the fetus stage.

I hope the rest of your pregnancy is smooth and wonderful.



answers from Madison on

Hi, I know it's been a long time but I had a similar experience back in 1976 before ultrasound. It wasn't discovered until delivery. I weighed 225 going into hospital, had 1 baby - 7#1oz. and 6 empty amniotic sacs. When I left the hospital 36 hours later I weighed 130. Quite a weight loss, lol. The doctor wanted to know what hormone treatment I was on at the time of conception. I was on birth control pills (They didn't work, lol).



answers from New York on

Most likely 2 eggs were fertilized, and only one has developed. I had the same thing, but I was monitored from the very begining since I was working with infertility specialists, and I know this is exactly what happened. I had two eggs fertilized, and only one went on to develop. You don't need to do anything, as the sac simply disolves itself.



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The same thing happened to me my first pregnancy with only one sack. It is called a blighted ovum (not sure of spelling). I had to have a DNC because I was not miscarrying on my own. Your situation is different because you have one viable fetus. Congratulations!!

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