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I Have a 1 Year Old Who Is Very Bow Legged and Won't Wear Shoes PLEASE HELP

D.M. asks from Sarasota

I can't get to wear shoes and she has to move up to the 1 year class from the infant class and can't until she wears shoes. When I put them on her she won't do anyth...


Teething Symptoms?

M.F. asks from Dallas

my 2 mth old is drooling alot, waking in the middle of night (normally sleeps all night), diahrrea ( diet hasn"t changed), little bit of swelling of she te...


Green Bms

E.E. asks from Cleveland

My son is 2 months old and in the last week he has had greenish brown poops? Is this normal? He is getting breastmilk, and 2 formula bottles per day of similac gas an...


Best Day Care for My Infant

M.P. asks from Las Vegas

Does anyone have suggestions for the best day care (in home or a center) for my daughter who will be only 2 months old when I have to return to work?


Still Need More Advice....

T.M. asks from Denver

Hi all you Moms. I posted this a few days ago but am posting it again b/c if you are like me you only read the days Mamasource and then if you don't get time to respo...


Days Nights Mixed up in Newborn

S.C. asks from Scranton

My daughter was born on 5/13 and she has her nights days messed up. Any suggestions on how to get her to change?


Wanting Advice...

S.W. asks from Evansville

My son, Trevor, is 10 months old and is a very healthy baby. He eats anything you will put in his mouth and always seems to be hungry. From the time trevor was born...


Scared After Baby's Death

J.S. asks from Springfield

My husband's co-worker had a son about 3 weeks after my youngest daughter was born. He passed away last week, apparently due to SIDS. My husband didn't do as much int...


Help with Twins G/G

C.C. asks from Tulsa

I havebeen trying to potty trains my 22 mo old twins, I started introducing it to them around 21mo. They are very advanced (says their pediatrician) especially for t...


7 Weeks Old & Wants to Be Held 24/7

K.S. asks from Austin

My son is 7 week old he will only let you put him down for 5-10 min. at a time, he does have silent acid reflux. When we put him in anything (even upright in his swin...

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