I Have a 1 Year Old Who Is Very Bow Legged and Won't Wear Shoes PLEASE HELP

Updated on October 19, 2006
D.M. asks from Sarasota, FL
7 answers

I can't get to wear shoes and she has to move up to the 1 year class from the infant class and can't until she wears shoes. When I put them on her she won't do anything but sit and cry until I take them off. Now, I'm sure part of it is she doesn't like them and some times it's because they hurt. I even tried a slipper that was like wearing nothing and she still wouldn't do it. Please any one knows something, I'm willing to try it.

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answers from Tampa on

My cousin also had bowed legs when he was that age and they straightened out at around age 5. Is there any way you can post a pic so we can see how bad it is? What does your pediatrician say?



answers from San Francisco on

Hi Christine M,
if you haven't taken your baby to the dr I would do so right away. Long story short a friend has a son who was not treated as early as he could've been and it's been braces, surgery and pt for years. On the other hand some children grow out of it. On a lighter note try these shoes,


While it's true Target has the knockoffs that are cheaper I found them to fall apart and not fit correctly and they did not fit the same as the more expensive shoe. Stride rites worked for us as well once my daughter got a little older. As did baby merrill shoes. Always check Ebay or craigslist before paying full price for shoes. You want the best shoe for your baby especially in this case. I always pointed out the other children wearing shoes and I would say things like "how cute are those shoes!" it would always make my daughter look. Good luck.



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Have you tried the slippers called Bobeez? They are at Stride Rite or you can get practically the exact same thing at Target. They are leather and slip right over the feet like socks. They have an elastic band around the heel to keep them in place. My son, now 3, LOVED his! I can't find them in his size now, but if I could, I would buy him another pair. I bought my daughter (18 months) a pair, and she'd rather wear them than her shoes.

On a side note, is there some way the childcare situation could make an exception for your daughter? Especially if the shoes seem to bother her because of her being bowlegged. I don't have any experience with this, just wondering.



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Is it that she hates the shoes or just hates anything on her feet? Can you "practice" by wearing socks at home? Have you tried the soft sole robeez type shoes (target has knock-offs for 1/2 the price)? Why do you think the shoes are hurting her (is it b/c she's bow legged - I don't know too much about how that affects toddler's feet) as opposed to she just doesn't like them on her feet? Even as a little infant, my son hated anything on his feet, even socks, he was always barefoot (no matter how many times we put the socks back on his feet.) It took a while for us to get shoes on him and for him to get used to having his feet covered. He wound up tolerating the soft sole ones first and then we moved on to shoes w/flexible but solid soles. When we were out & about I'd notice how the big boys we'd see were wearing shoes, etc. and he did feel pretty proud of himself when he finally did allow me to get the shoes on him and he walked around in them. Good luck!



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My child was always taking off her shoes at school and always getting in trouble for it,(I am the same way though I hate shoes I would rather be barefoot all the time) but then we started making a huge deal about shoe shopping and letteing her pick out her shoes, and now when she gets a fav pair she sleeps in them. I think it is just a faise but you might want to check with your ped also



answers from Port St. Lucie on

Hi, that is very normal my doctor says, as she grows her legs will grow and straighten out, you can even ask your doctor if it makes you feel better. my daughter who is 1 didnt love her shoes, she was walking at 11 mnths and would scream and take them off. she did get use to it, however i went to striderite and they really helped me , i got shoes that were comfortable for her and sometimes she fights it but she does where them. the more she wears them out either in a store or outside she gets use to them.



answers from Jacksonville on

I used to watch a little girl who was very bow legged until she was about three years old. She never wore any special shoes and as she got older the condition straightened out on its own. She walked a little funny while she was bow legged but now you would never know. Of course every child is different and you should follow the advise of your doctor but I thought I would share my story with you to give a little hope. I'd say if your daughter hates to wear the shoes, talk to your doctor to see how absolutely neccesary they are. Good luck!

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