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A Night Light on or off in Your Kids' Rooms?

Read all 10 responses: "Hello Moms, do you keep the night light on or off in your kids' rooms? Please share your thoughts. Thank you!"

At What Age Do You Let Your Kids Sleep Over...

Read all 7 responses: "At what age do you let your kids sleep over at their friends house. Mine are asking about it, as they just started school and have ...

Helping Your Kids to Think like Entrepreneurs

22 Sep 2009 ... Read all 6 responses: "Do any of you have kids who are just itching to have their own business or have that creative entrepreneur spirit in ...

How Do You Keep the Knee Area on Your Kids Jeans from Wearing Out???

Read all 10 responses: "i swore i would never torture my child by putting those lovely denim knee patches that i use to have on mine but now i'm wondering:) ...


They are doing the influenza rapid test and can determine if it is Influenza A ( to which h1n1 is a subtype) - so you know that your kids had the flu, ...

Does Your Child Have a "Summer Virus"?

Read all 20 responses: "On Monday morning my one year old daughter had a 101 fever. I gave her Tylenol infant drops, plenty of fluids, and called the ...

How Do You Know If Your Child Is Lactose Intolerant

Read all 24 responses: "My 15 year old daughter is complaining of nausea after eating most foods. Last year she missed school at least 3 days,due to nausea.

Your Kids Favorite Books

I'm always looking for great stories and books for my kids - especially my 3.5 year old (our son is 5 mo). I was just wondering what your kids favorite ...

Fun Ways to Announce a Pregnancy

Put all your kids in plain white t-shirts and paint some sort of message on all their shirts a piece at a time. Ex: shirt #1: Baby #4 Shirt #2: Due Shirt ...

Are You Planning to Have Your Children Get the Swine Flu Vaccine?

4 Oct 2009 ... if your kid's in daycare, you might as well vaccinate for seasonal flu. It's a known thing, and given the hysteria about flu this year at ...
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