How Do You Keep the Knee Area on Your Kids Jeans from Wearing Out???

Updated on February 13, 2009
T.H. asks from North Richland Hills, TX
10 answers

i swore i would never torture my child by putting those lovely denim knee patches that i use to have on mine but now i'm wondering:) how do you keep that knee area from wearing out?? my daughters jeans are dark everywhere but that area and it makes the whole jean look sloppy and it drives me crazy! i rotate her jeans so she's not wearing the same ones every day and she even has "outside" jeans (which are actually cute jeans that now have holes in the knees) so she's not wearing her nice jeans outside. suggestions?? thanks.

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answers from Dallas on

Even my DH wears out the knees in his pants. My daughters' are easier to patch. I can make or find some cute heart or flower or something that they like. My boys (the oldest in particular) do not want their jeans patched. Their jeans become shorts. Save the cut-off bits and make a denim quilt.

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answers from Dallas on

Sure you can prevent it!

Just hang the kid on a hook on the wall. Dress her/him in the cute clothes everyday until she/he outgrows them. An enjoy the perfection.

Or not!!!

Better yet --convince yourself the faded knees are in!! A fashion statement! So cute and darling!

My sons are in their 50's and this was a problem even then. I actually saw my oldest do some sort of "slide on the knees on the sidewalk trick' in his brand new jeans. It was like he was breaking them in.

Laugh about it and save your stress for more serious matters.
Grandma D.

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answers from Abilene on

Oh my! This is my biggest gripe of the week. My son now has holes in every pair of jeans that he owns except for the one pair I guard with my life to be worn only for church! I haven't found a brand that doesn't wear out when it comes to my son.

When he was in Pre-K I would run out and buy new jeans every time he got a hole in pair, but now that I am a SAHM, that doesn't happen.

Ours actually rip worse after I patch them. They look good for a while but then the denim around the patch gets weak and rips. Uggh! I'm so ready for Spring!



answers from Dallas on

Yeah, there is not much to do!! I have quit buying expensive jeans, because I find that they do it just as bad! So at least, when there is a hole, I know I did not pay much for them!! It is also very much an age thing, I think. My 5 year old has gone through every pair she has, but my 8 year old no longer does that! I know my 5 year old crawls around on the floor still..playing animals etc..and there is a lot more sitting with crossed legs on the floor in kindergarten, than my 3rd grader, who obviously uses her desk more. It stretches the knees more to sit that way:) I have quit feeling the pressure to have her go to school without holes in the is fairly normal right now, and she does not mind, so every once in a while, it happens. It just shows me she is having a good time being a kid, and I am happy to see those holey jeans!! ~A.~



answers from Lubbock on


My eldest son wore out the knees on his pants at that age in just a day or two. I figured out that Sears had jeans that they replaced for free if the knees ever wore out. You could see if they still do that. Thankfully, it will get better. This is just a stage (actually, his jeans still have holes in them, but he likes them that way - at least it takes a month or two if they are not purchased that way)



answers from Dallas on

you can't. it is one of those things you just accept in life. I teach young children and my work jeans look like that too.



answers from Amarillo on

There is no way to stop it. Kids on busy playing and on the floor on their knees crawling around having a ball. The only thing you can do is to send them to school in clean clothes and know you did you best. Patching is okay but it does weaken the fabric around it unless you make a big patch and then you might as well make a new pair of jeans (I've done that in the past). When my son was little he was wider than tall so I had to hem pants and startig making them. When it was time for spring and summer I just cut the pants and hemmed them into shorts. My daughter did the same thing.

Just know that this too shall pass as a rite to being a kid. There will be a time in life where you will have bigger battles to fight over clothes and right now is not the time. So stop worrying about the fashion police and let them be little people. The other S.



answers from Wichita Falls on

I keep them from fading by redying them. RIT. I don't worry about them wearing out - I get two little boys worth out of almost every pair. I like the Children's Place jeans though - they seem to stand up better to my kids.



answers from Dallas on

LOL, I so wish I could help, but I wanted to tell you you are not alone. My son goes through jeans so fast - and of course he hates the cheapies from Walmart. The kid has to has his Levis! We're down to one last pair without a huge hole and I so don't want to buy more since shorts season is so close! One thing I found interesting is that jeans seem to wear out faster than khakis. No idea why - you'd think it would be the opposite. He is just as rough on all his pants. So maybe try some khakis for your daughter. Just a random thought.



answers from Dallas on


Jennifer mentioned Sears' policy. I haven't shopped there in a while, but their policy used to be they would replace the kids clothing (not just jeans, but anything) if they wore it out. The deal is they will only replace with the same size. I guess some people tried to get larger sizes because their kids simply grew out of them. I have learned to keep one pair of jeans for each of my boys put up so they don't wear them until I get them down for them. Spring pictures at school usually does 3/4 length pictures and I hate seeing those white spots on the knees of the jeans.

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