x rays while pregnant

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8 Weeks Pregnant & Needing a Root Canal & Crown!

All I was told to do was to double shield up during the xrays that will be needed. .... Did Anyone Else Experience This Pain While Pregnant? ...

Horrible Tooth Pain - 9 Wks Pregnant

Sep 14, 2009 ... I had old metal and infection galore that NEVER showed up on an x-ray. At this point the infection can be .... Having a Tooth Pulled While 33Weeks Pregnant. ...

Did Anyone Ever Have a Root Canal or Cavity Fixed When Pregnant?

My OB is fine with it but I am nervous about the medication and xrays. The..." ... Having a Tooth Pulled While 33Weeks Pregnant. ...

Taking Pain Meds for Ongoing Condition Found Out Pregnant Scared I Hurt My Baby

Best of luck to you and try not to worry too much - - - I had x-rays on my .... was pregnant with my son I had a big one that lasted 2 1/2 days, even while ...


You do need to make sure they do not do x-rays. ... I had a root canal done while I was 8months pregnant, and no one ever told me it would be harmful to the ...


My sister had sciatica while she was pregnant (I know that isn't your issue) ... Assuming that you have already had plain film x-rays my next steps would be ...

Not Been Able to Get Pregnant

... pregnant and the results were negative i was passed by a tube for X-rays .... You can probably get it at the library, because it's been around a while. ...

Permanent Makeup During Pregnancy

I know they won't do tattoos while you are pregnant, and since it's the same .... They wouldn't do anymore because they wouldn't even do an X-Ray then for ...

I Think I'm Pregnant but the Test Is Saying Im Not!

(I would postpone the x-rays as well). It could even be that you are ... My sister in law had her gallbladder removed while she was about 7 months pregnant. ...

Took a Vicodin and Now Im Pregnant & Freaking Out!!

... took tylenol with codein, vicodin, Excediren, had lower back X-rays taken. ... While I was pregnant my doctor told me it was fine to take Vicodin if I ...
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