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Bleeding After Giving Birth

I gave birth 4 weeks ago and am still bleeding. It's still bright red, ... It's still bright red, I don't remember this after the birth of my first baby. ... women are afraid to take the time we need following the birth of a child. ...

Giving Birth While Sick???

Simple question... have any of you ever been sick while giving birth? .... body building · baby birth · after birth · women giving birth ...

Using a Doula for Second Birth After "Going It Alone" the First Time

Congratulations on the birth of your next baby! I hope everything goes as well as .... This is the most incredible thing you will ever do as a women and it ...

Holy Cross or Sibley for Birth?

I gave birth at Sibley and had a wonderful experience. Sibley is only 5 minutes from my home. With that said I would go with Holy Cross b/c it is a "baby" ...

Birthing Center or Hospital?

If anyone is interested in seeing our new birth center- REUNION Women's Health & Birth Center, please don't hesitate to call us! 281-359-BABY....J. Helpful? ...

Birth Control Options While Bfeeding

Read all 22 responses: "I have never been on birth control (was using the NFP method) and I REALLY want to go on birth control after my next baby!

Pregnancy After Depo Birth Control

I know it doesn't affect all women this way, but you'd be surprised at how many it DOES affect in this way. And it's heartbreaking to want another baby so ...

Lifting Baby Cause Miscarriage??

Oct 12, 2009 ... Some women feel like they may have done something to cause a ... I recently gave birth to a healthy 9lb baby and had no complications. ...

VBAC Friendly Provider for Drug-free Hospital Birth in Chicago

Other women in my Bradley Birth Classes (www.birthwithoutfear.com in case .... birth plan TO THE LETTER and I was able to catch my own baby as soon as her ...

2D Baby After Having a C-section

I had a c-section for the first baby. It was really painful and I was looking ... Please read "The thinking woman's guide to a better birth" by Henci Goer. ...
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  • highly recommend holy cross in 2 answers "I would highly recommend Holy Cross Hospital."
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