Bleeding After Giving Birth

Updated on March 22, 2008
C.W. asks from Spencer, IN
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I know it's normal to keep bleeding for a while after delivering. I gave birth 4 weeks ago and am still bleeding. It's still bright red, I don't remember this after the birth of my first baby. Some days are heavier than others, and there are little blood clots on the worst days. Should I call the doctor or just wait two more weeks for my 6 week check up? Any advice is greatly appreciated

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So What Happened?

I ended up calling the doctor, only to be told to rest and quit doing so much, wait a few days and see if it lightens up. It did and I actually have finally stopped bleeding. My husband has been helping with housework and meals, this is something I could really get used to. Thank you everyone for the advice and comments.

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After the birth of #2, I was shocked at how much heavier it was...not to mention how long it lasted! If you are concerned, call the doctor. I know I did! They told me it was normal and that everything was OK. Apparently the more you have the worst it gets. I am on #3 now, so I will have to wait and see. GL!

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Contrary to what some of the other moms say, bright red is not good! It's not horribly scary, or horribly wrong....but it IS a sign that you are doing too much. Back off of your business, lie down more...don't be afraid to "baby" yourself a little bit - you just had a baby and you need it! I think, sometimes, that we modern women are afraid to take the time we need following the birth of a child. We think we need to be on top of things!

I have 8 children, and what you are describing has happened to me several times. When I stop lifting so much, stop rushing around to clean house, rest more, the flow lightens. Yes, you may still bleed up to or beyond 6 weeks, but it should begin becoming lighter in flow and a little darker tinged in color.

(The advice to just stock up on pads is really bad advice!)

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answers from Dayton on

C., Sometimes, the amount of bleeding you experience is directly related to your activity level. Are you doing too much? Make sure you take time out to sit with your feet up and do nothing. Take a nap. We just had another baby, and I was clearly doing too much....this was shown by the increase in bleeding. Congrats to you on your baby! Happy resting!!

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While some bleeding is normal, you should sk you doctor about the clots. One of my friends had a lot of bleeding after her birth and found out it was because there was still some placenta left inside her. She had to get a D&C to get it out. Unfortunately, that didn't work the first time, which she found out because she was STILL bleeding. She had a second D&C and finally was better. It's always best to check with the doctor just to be sure.



answers from Cleveland on

Hi. I have one child. I bled for five weeks after he was born.



answers from Toledo on

Hey C.: I have 6 children, and yes, the bright red is not good. I recall my 3rd child, Steven. About 3 weeks after the delivery, I was having clotting and my husband couldn't get over them. Pain accompanied those and my question of mind was, did they clear out my womb of all the placenta. This was rather embarrassing to me as after Steven I was attending college and had on white shorts. You can imagine what happened next. What I am saying is....always ask questions, make sure that you plead your case and that you're not overdoing yourself as this can be detrimental. We're moms, not robots, right?!



answers from Terre Haute on

I bled for 3 1/2 weeks or so with my first and then 5-6 weeks with my second and 3 1/2 weeks with my last. I just thought that it was normal. Your body is trying to get back to normal. Flushing its system out. My cycle is always the same time every month. It is with in the first week an a half of the month. I thought it was because of that. Your body might be trying to stay on the same cycle.



answers from Toledo on

Bright red is good!
Don't worry, I bled for 2 months after both of my boys. It was quite heavy for the first weeks and then it tapered off. If you are experiencing pain in your abdomen call your Doc, but otherwise I wouldn't worry too much, just stock up on lots of pads!!



answers from Indianapolis on

I'm at week nine and still bleeding. Doc says its normal. Just how my body is healing.



answers from Indianapolis on

I bleed up until 1 day before my 6 week check up. If I remember correctly I also had some clots. As long as you are not in pain I would say it is ok. Are you still on iron pills?

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