why does my neck hurt when i wake up

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Need Advice or Experiences on My Sons Enlarged Tonsils.

He does NOT need antibiotics if he does not have a confirmed bacterial infection ! .... their air supply and they would wake up gasping for breath or snore very badly. ..... and in general how our physiology is put together from the neck up. .... but the doctor's opinion isn't going to hurt and then you would know. ...

Exclusive Pumping

Stress does affect your supply as does lack of sleep and not eating and drinking enough It is hard to take care of yourself when you have to wake up to pump ...

Almost 14 Year Old DD Suffering from Migraines for First Time

I fully expected her to wake up this morning with a migraine so I had her take 1 .... Does your daughter wear glasses? I've gotten occasional migraines since about 4th ... There could be a pinched nerve in her neck or spinal column. .... I can remember being in daycare trying to tell the person that my head hurt. ...

Muscle Aches During Pregnancy

Aug 20, 2009 ... I am 16 weeks pregnant with my second child and my neck and back are ... However , sometimes I find that I wake up more sore than how I felt ...


I would wake up about an hour and a half after the last feeding and pump Bye .... it my and my little boy have such a wonderful relationshiphe sure does ...

Seeking Feedback on Select Comfort, Tempurpedic Beds & Traditional Beds

We wake up more exhausted and achy then when we go to sleep. ... It does feel a little too hard at lower temperatures but after a couple of minutes ... old mattress my lower back always hurt and I would get shooting pains up my foot ... My father has arthritis in his neck, and his doctor recommended a Tempurpedic. ...

Any Recomendations for Relief of Recurring Back/sciatic Nerve Pain

Yes an exercise program does work and for me so does the relief of a weekly .... My sciatica is relieved by doingpigeon pose a yoga pose you can look up on ...

A Fun topic...share YOUR Story!

My 4 yr old does the waking me up thing all the time, especially since the birth ..... I would wake up in the morning after he had gone to work and find her ...

Muscle Soreness in Legs and Arms During Pregnancy

Jul 29, 2009 ... I wake up with a nasty cramp in my left calf only or right foot in the middle of the night. I do yoga and it does wonders for my sore back - but I've found that if I do my usual 30 ... irregular heart rate, difficulty swallowing,insomnia, TMJ, Neck pain, twitches tingles and ... Does Yor Feet Hurt? ...

9 Month Old Can't/wont Lie Down

Read all 20 responses: "My 9 month old daughter has always been a great ... He ended up being a well rounded smart young man, so I don't think it hurt him too much. ... the tops of the ears, around the back of the ears down to the neck. ... They were difficult to get down, and they would wake up numerous times ...
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