Muscle Soreness in Legs and Arms During Pregnancy

Updated on July 29, 2009
S.B. asks from Oakley, CA
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I’m wondering if any one else has experienced extreme muscle soreness during pregnancy. I’m 23 weeks along with my second baby and last Friday I woke feeling like I’d worked out super hard the day before. Most of the muscles in my legs, especially my calves, and all the muscles in my arms, including my hands, were and still are sore. I’m experiencing what I would consider normal muscle aches in my abs and lower back, but it’s the legs and arms that have me frustrated. I left a message for my doctor today explaining my symptoms, he in turn left a message saying it’s the relaxin weaking my joints causing my muscles to work harder. I’m having a hard time accepting that explanation since I’m an aerobics instructor and each week I teach intermediate to advanced classes of several varieties along with taking additional classes. I know I didn’t overdo it last week in any class, since I’ve been taking it down a notch due to the pregnancy, and my toddler wasn’t sleeping well so I skipped my most advanced class to let her take a long nap (so I actually worked out less last week). I also have a certification in pre-natal exercise and can’t find anything on this situation in my certification resources or on the internet, nor have I ever heard of this happening. If the soreness continues for a couple more days I’m going to call my doctor back, unless someone else has gone through this and can offer any advice or reassurance that it will eventually go away before the end of the pregnancy. I’m feeling desperate since I’m trying to keep up with an active 23 month old and I have a busy schedule this week. I’m just trying to keep it together and make it though the week, even though I have broken down a couple times. So any advice anyone can offer would be appreciated.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your responses. By Friday (after one week) the soreness was gone. I increased my calcium supplement, which has magnesium and other ingredients. I think that, along with getting back to my regular workouts helped. My theory is that I was lacking something in my diet that the baby and I both needed. I did leave a message for my doctor about B-12, which he said is safe to take during pregnancy. But before I could get to the store, the pain was gone. I will keep it in mind if it happens again – which I hope it doesn’t since along with my arms and legs hurting my abs felt like they were stretching as if I were close to the end of the pregnancy. BTW the baby is as active as ever and seems pretty happy.

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Sorry Kiddo, your Dr. is right.
I wake up with a nasty cramp in my left calf only or right foot in the middle of the night. I do yoga and it does wonders for my sore back - but I've found that if I do my usual 30 minutes of cardio + a yoga class I'm completely wiped out - dizzy, hard to breathe and uncomfortable like I drank 6 cups of espresso. If I blow off working out I am MISERABLE with back pain and zero energy.
You need to dial down the work outs more - slow down or do 2 shorter bouts spaced out over the day. DRINK WATER until you feel sea sick!!!
Every pregnancy is different, everyone gets different symptoms - many that aren't mentioned in the pregnancy books. I've been pregnant 7 times, lost 5 of them all with the same textbook symptoms - sore boobs, nausea, overpowering sense of smell and really crazy vivid dreams. This time (23 weeks so far) none of that - just short breath, bleeding gums, nose bleeds, random rashes and I get dizzy when I walk up stairs. Wierd huh? I didn't believe I was pregnant this time until I saw an ultrasound because I was expecting the usual signs. BTW- It's a girl!!

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How is your intake of minerals? Most likely not getting enough from your food and your child is absorbing what he/she needs from your body, so you are lacking. Try some good mineral source from the health food store and see how you feel.



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I am on my iPhone, so researching this would be a little much at 6 am with the baby nursing--but i'd try taking some extra B12. I'm not pregnant but I recently experienced some strange muscle fatigue and googled to find that B12 would help. I was skeptical. But it worked within 4 hours! I'd make sure that it's okay to take extra during pregnancy, though.



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it is possible that you are experienceing a vitamin or nutrient deficiency.

Magnesium is what came to my mind.Magneisum and calcium work together to regulate muscle and nerve tone. In Nerve cells it acts like a chemical gate blocker. As long as there is enough magnesium, cacium can't rush into the nerve cell and activate the nerve. So magneisum keeps the nerve relaxed, and that keeps muscles from over contracting.

Deficiency symptoms can include changes in muscle function, muscle weakness, tremor, spasm, right side leg cramps,(left side leg cramp is calcium def) and other symptoms may include some or any of the following: frequent sighing, lack of appetite,elevated blood pressure, irregular heart rate, difficulty swallowing,insomnia, TMJ, Neck pain, twitches tingles and zaps, headaches,grouchyness, depression, nausea, IBS,Chronic fatigue,Anxiety,memory loss, Chronic pain, fibromyalgia, inattention, confusion, or changes in nerve function. Dimagnesium Malate ###-###-#### is a form that the body can use because it recognizes it as food. Bathing in Epsom salts , 2c to a bath, can give magnesium through the skin, is calming before bed and help you sleep longer.Some people put epsom salt in coconut oil and rub it on the skin. it is very softening and can give you magnesium that way. Increasing protien can help to improve magnesium uptake. We must have plenty of magnesium everyday. Foods high in it are pumpkin seeds, boiled spinach, Swiss chard, Chinook salmon, sesame seeds, Baked halibut and brocoli.

Vit b4 and b12 affect nerves. Take a b complex vitamin if you supplement because many of the b vits rely on eachother for uptake. Some b vitamin deficiency symptoms include calf muscle tenderness, indigestion,oversensitive to noise or light, fatigue,anorexia,vauge pain (all b1), and other b deficienceis include irritable, tiredness, weakness or loss of muscle control, chapped and cracked skin, Mouth or tounge sores, low blood pressure, heart skipping, memory loss, numb or burning hands or feet, carpal tunnel, rosacea, tearing- burning and itching of eye, and more.

If you excercise you are putting more demand on your body for nutrients. You should be supplementing.
I would also suplement with FULVIC ACID (found online). It has 60 trace minerals that are otherwise hard to get in an ionic form. Farmers use fulvics to help their crops grow!



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I had this problem also in my legs and was told the same thing. It did get better, but then somehow I strained a muscle in my upper thigh and that didn't heal until my son was born, because of all the extra weight I was carrying around.




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Do you have swelling in your calves or one calf? If so, make sure you mention that to your dr.

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