what pregnancy dreams mean

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How'd You Know??

Besides a pregnancy test. I mean, did you get sick, did you feel strange in ... I just kept having strange cravings and weird dreams and just KNEW Amy was ...

My 5 Year Old Keeps Waking Me Up!

Oct 13, 2009 ... Explain to her that dreams are just that dreams They are not reality ... Im not here to be mean or anything but why are you taking the night ...

Very Sore Breasts!

... it was worth it just to be able to have the dauhgter of my dreams. ... I know what you mean about not wanting to see the negative. .... whenever i had sore breasts for me that was a sure sign of pregnancy. and alot of times if you ...

Songs for Childrens Video

I love the song "When you dream" by Barenaked Ladies; it is a very nice ballad for the lead singers son ... Here are the lyrics, so you can see what I mean. ...

DRANO As a Gender Prediction Method??

But also i read an article on a pregnancy website that said u/s BEFORE your 20th .... never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have or want a boy. ... That doesn't mean I didn't have some emotional and mental adjustments to make. ...

Which is the most accurate pregnancy test while nursing?

I have also had dreams that I was pregnant. I am currently breastfeeding ... I took a pregnancy test that didn't read very clearly so I called the company. .... In the mean time, make sure you are doing things right just in case you are ...

Needing Some Advice..... Miscarriage, Child Spacing

Sep 29, 2009 ... having had 3 pregnancies that didn't come to fruition I know how you feel. ..... and while I realized this morning that might mean I'll have a ... are having their dreams realized. just keep talking and keep trying. ...

Gender Disappointment

Her third pregnancy was twin (fraternal) boys! .... It doesn't mean you love your kids less because they aren't the gender you want but it's .... I love those dreams.... they bring back all the fun days that my husband and I shared with ...

Sleep Training

Sweet dreams. 1 mom found this helpful ... At 6 mos moving his bedtime earlier might actually mean hell sleep later in the morning so you could try that ...

Bed Wetting

You said you've tried everything, and I guess you mean no drinks after 7 .... It seemed he would have dreams that he was already in the bathroom and .... urinary tract infections during pregnancy · urinary tract infections and pregnancy ...
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