what a 9 month old should be doing

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9 Month Old Doesn't Want Formula

In the last month, I have seen the formula consumption of my 9 month old consistently ... with formula your 9 month old should be consuming between 16-24 oz. min. ... As long as he is drinking some of it, you are doing a good job. ...

How Much Food Should I Feed My 6 Month Old Baby?

I'd say you are doing a great job. I know a lot of mothers struggle with babies who just ... my son is 9 months old now and since he was about 6 months, ...

What to Give My 9 Month Old at the Dinner Table

Read all 15 responses: "I am not sure what to feed my 9 month old while me and my ... If your dishes are too spicey for him, then maybe you should have something .... Altough we would "WEAR" a lot of it at first, he LOVED doing this . ...

How Much Breast Milk/formula Should My 8-Month Old Be Taking??

Also, for the midnight snack - you may love it, and if so, keep doing it. ... I also have a 9-month old who refuses to finish a bottle these days. ...

9 Month Old Wants to Nurse Throughout the Night

Well, a 9 month old baby doesn't NEED to nurse in the middle of the night - for hunger. He is probably doing it for comfort. You should probably try putting ...

Ideas for Foods for a 9 Month Old

she could be doing a lot more table foods t 9 months. anything you eat except ... Flavored rice is still a favorite and baked french fries should work, too. ...

9 Month Old NOT NAPPING!

I have tried everything I can think of to get my 9 month old daughter to nap in her crib. ... she finally learned to sooth herself and is doing great. ... She should be on solids (at least baby food) and shouldn't need anything more ...

How Much Should a 2 Month Old Eat?

Read all 15 responses: "Is it too soon for my 2 month old to be eating 5oz of formula? ... (Yes, Absolutely) 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 (Definitely not) ... My baby is doing great on 5oz feedings. She is happy and content, so I know I must ...

9 Month Old Food Ideas

My almost 9 month old daughter recently started to dislike a lot of her Gerber ... Of course until age 1 most nutrition should come from breastmilk too. ...

How Much Formula/food Should a Ten Month Old Take?

Let me start off by telling you that youi are doing great with the variety of healthy foods you offer! Awesome! ... Advise on Chaning 9Month Old Feeding ...
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  • ice cube trays in 2 answers "Then, put the mixed food in ice cube trays, cover and freeze."
  • sounds like shes eating in 2 answers "... her the night bottle if she'll at all let you. It sounds like she's eating ..."
  • rock him back to sleep in 2 answers "... and the paci does not soothe him, I will pick him up and rock him back to sleep ..."
  • butternut squash in 2 answers "I also cook sweet potatoes and butternut squash and give her small pieces as finger ..."
  • mini raviolis in 2 answers "I will add that you can buy the mini raviolis (someone else mentioned) dry in bags ..."