How Much Breast Milk/formula Should My 8-Month Old Be Taking??

Updated on October 27, 2009
H.S. asks from Lewisville, NC
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My daughter is about to be 8 months old and she is in daycare while I work full time. I pump 3 x a day while I am at work and usually get about 4 oz. per pumping. In addition to those bottles, I send a 6 oz bottle of formula. She also takes one container of fruit (2nd foods size) and about 1/2 a container of a veggie per day. She doesn't seem interested in eating much more than that. My question much liquid should she be taking in per day? She doesn't always finish the bottles of breast milk and NEVER finishes the formula. She does nurse several times while I am at home and gets a "midnight snack" usually sometime in the middle of the night. She has lots of wet diapers and is very chubby and healthy- but it seems like she should be drinking those bottles. How much does a typical 8 month old drink?? Thanks!!

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answers from Charlottesville on

If she's not finishing her bottles,you should consider switching her over to cow's milk or juice or water. You can never get too much fluids but she's old enough that she's definitely getting all her nutrients elsewhere. My son was on cow's milk about this age and he is very healthy. He is now 5.

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answers from Norfolk on

Most babies take about an ounce an hour of breastmilk and since she's eating solids she may want less unless she's in a growth spurt.

Check out this kellymom link.



answers from New York on

Well i dont know what to do.I have a 8 month old who loves to eat his solids but refuses to drink my boob, expressed milk in a bottle or formula.When he drinks from a bottle he usualy only drinks 140ml max. But lately no more than 60ml per bottle i am worried as he could get dehidrated .



answers from Fayetteville on

i was told 6-8 oz of formula/breastmilk per feeding, but i think that every baby is different. my daughter, who is 8 months old, only takes about 4 oz per feeding. if she is chunky and gaining weight, dont worry about how much she eats. she will eat what she wants, no more, and no less.



answers from Miami on

I found that after a little bit when the bottle cooled, my son wouldn't drink anymore. Maybe you could see if it can be warmed a bit midway through if you are concerned but if she is happy and healthy I wouldn't worry too much. Like the last person said it sounds like she's getting enough when you are at home and my son was like that too. He likes it warm as if it were from the source.



answers from Norfolk on

If the diaper count is fine, then she's getting enough. She probably gets plenty straight from the source at home.



answers from Raleigh on

I also have a 9-month old who refuses to finish a bottle these days. I always make a 4 oz bottle for each of his 3 meals a day (he is eating stage 3 and some table/finger food), but he never wants to finish his bottle. My son has a pretty healthy appetite, so I always try to give him the bottle first. He always knows that food is coming next, and gets impatient and pushes the bottle away after a couple of ounces. He takes a huge before bed bottle, so I always hope that makes up for the poor interest during day.
Like you, it used to worry me like crazy that he wasn't getting enough liquids, but he has plenty of wet diapers and he is certainly not constipated. He is so healthy and happy, I just don't let it worry me anymore. Sometimes I will give him water or formula out of his sippy cup, and he is a little more responsive to that- he is getting very interested in cups lately. All in all, I would say that he gets about 16-20 oz per day, which seems to suit him just fine.
I am sure she is getting plenty. If not, she would let you know!! As long as she has plenty of wet diapers and is healthy and happy, don't let it worry you. You may want to mention it to the pediatrician at her 9-mo visit if you are still concerned at that time.



answers from Spartanburg on

At 8 months my daughter was drinking 5 bottles per day, 6 oz each. My ped wanted us at 24-32 oz, then at 9 months down to 24-26.
Are you using Good Start formula? I've heard that it is the tastiest. My baby hated her formula bottles until we switched, but now she drinks like a champ.
Also, for the midnight snack - you may love it, and if so, keep doing it. I preferred to sleep. At 8 months, they are able to sleep through the night and don't need food. She's probably just used to it. If you want to stop, you can reduce the amount of time nursing each night until she doesn't bother waking up for it at all. She may take more during the day if she knows there's nothing coming at night.
As long as she's happy and chubby and you both like the schedule, you're doing fine.



answers from Charlotte on

If your baby is chubby and healthy, she is getting enough. Your milk may be rich and filling. The baby won't eat if she is not hungary. My daugter went through spurts of eating enough for three babies, then it seemed like she was not eating enough for one baby....but she was always chubby and healthy and now she is two and a half and not an ounce over weight,,she eats when she is hungary and does not when she isn't. Their bodies know what to do and know what they need...unlike this mommy (me) who eats when she is upset, bored,,,etc LOL. Our kids have not learned these bad habits :-) Their bodies know just what they need :-)

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