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10Yr Old Step Daughter Is Afraid of Germs. Looking for Suggestions

We have tried telling her it not helping her rash to wash her hands that much, ... Washing hands every five to ten minutes as you wrote in your request is ...

Teachers NOT Following Good Hygiene "Rules"/Swine Flu

Every child should be washing their hands when they arrive at school, ... Next question: Do Your Schools Allow Bathroom Break to Wash Hands Before Lunch? ...

Eating Snacks at School on the Floor

21 Oct 2009 ... This year they finally allow them to wash hands before snack instead of .... I would have called though like you did about not washing hands ...

Washing Machine Odor

My son had a big accident in his pants and after washing them in our washer the machine smells horrible ..... front load washing machine · washing hands ...

Chronic Pink Eye

Maybe the staff needs to start washing their hands better. ... If you do see it in children, it is usually from dirty hands...lack of washing hands. ...

Petting Zoo for 1-Year-old?

We'll definitely be washing our hands a lot; but at one-year-old their hands are ALWAYS in their mouths. I'm not a real germaphobe, but some of these bugs ...

Advice for Nose Picking

Finally teach him that he may only pick his nose in private after thoroughly washing his hands Tell him he needs to put the boogers on a tissue and flush it ...

Flu Season

Make sure everyone is covering their mouth when sneezing and coughing and washing their hands as much as possible to help prevent it from spreading to the ...

Daycare Kids All Using SAME Hand Towel

The teachers are quite mindful about washing hands. ... And with the amount of times the kids wash hands (or should be) and 12 kids... the towel should be ...

Can't Seem to Get Rid of Illness

I don't really have any advice about that other than lots of soap and water and good hand washing. In order to stop the strep from being passed back and ...
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