Flu Season

Updated on February 24, 2008
J.T. asks from Fayetteville, NC
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Helpful ideas to rid the flu?????

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your helpful ideas. The children have returned to school today. Thank GOD! They were home for a week and my nerves are shot. We all have seemed to bounce back. My baby girl is still trying to get over the last little bit of her's. I guess because she is the youngest it is taking her a little longer than the rest of us. Im sure with a little more TLC she will be just fine. Thanks!!

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answers from Raleigh on

Lots of rest and soups,Use lots of lysol lol. I gave me and my family LOTS of Orange Juice..It Works....Thanks

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answers from Nashville on

Both of my boys had it. My older son was able to take Tamiflu, which helped immensely! The baby is only 11 months and we could only treat his fever. We gave him a lot of pedialyte to keep him hydrated, which helped. Be careful that it doesn't turn into pneumonia. Our baby ended up with it and our pediatrician told us it is very common. I hope you all fell better soon!



answers from Knoxville on

Good hand washing is a must. We use small bottles of anti-bacterial gel wash. The kids think it is neat and ask to use it.



answers from Louisville on

This has been a really bad season. We've all been struggling with a variety of "bugs" - - strep, 24-hour stomach virus, and the flu.

Right now, we're all battling the flu, but the doctor said that it's the mildest she's seen yet.

What I did (back when we were all hit with strep) was hit the grocery and buy a BUNCH of organic fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy and only whole grains. I've been making everything from scratch and insisting everyone in the house partake of all of the fresh fruits and veggies as snacks all throughout the day.

Also, I got some Emergen-C Immune Defense. They're little packets of powder you stir into water and drink. My husband and I are drinking two a day (at breakfast and supper) and my girls are splitting one twice a day.

The doctor said she believes this has really helped us.



answers from Clarksville on

You can build up your immune system through natural ways - take lots of vitamin C, Garlic, Echinacea, etc. Just make sure it is all natural and not synthetic (it is the difference between a real orange and a plastic orange). Hope you get better soon. ____@____.com



answers from Charlotte on

There really are no quick cures with viruses...only symptom control. Even if you were to take a prescription anti-viral like Tamiflu, it is not a treatment. Viruses need to just run thier course. So the best thing I can say, hydrate well, drink juices packed full of nutrients (V8 VFusion is great - because not only does it have Vitamin C, but also other vitamins to help the body recoup it's immune system), chicken soup, lots of rest - and stock up on tissues, TheraFlu, cough drops and whatever else you can find that will alleviate the symptoms that is within reason. I also found taking warm showers helped alleviate the sorness of my muscles - at least once a day. Also, during this time if you guys can - stay away from majorly busy public places (like Walmart or someplace like that), because with your immune systems down, you are more prone to contract either the same strain of the virus over again, or another strain...or something else. I had this thing severely (and while pregnant) just last week, and with the help of just Tyelnol, showers, chicken soup and lots of sleep - I got through it within about 48 hours. The residual of it (a little scratchy throat and stuffiness) is now just letting up. So, it takes about a solid week to 2 weeks for it to be totally kicked. I hope all goes well for you and your family!



answers from Nashville on

Besides resting and and getting plenty of fluids, also remember to clean everything as you go. The germs can continue to keep everyone sick. Wash clothing, bedding, etc. Spray lysol or other germ killing sprays on your door handles, toilets handles etc. It will continue if the germs live on any surface. Just a bit of advise. Hope you all get better soon!



answers from Johnson City on

My daughter and son just got over the flu. I took my daugter to the doctor first because she got it before my son. They swabbed her and she tested positive. They gave her Tamiflu. It was suppose to make it better and shorter. But, she couldn't take it. Everytime I would give her a dose she would puke it back up. So, if you go to the doctor and you test positive you might want to suggest Tamiflu. I wish you luck and hopefully you all will get better soon.



answers from Huntington on

Push the OJ for th vitamin C. Parents magazine says chicken noodle soup, store bought or homemade, is still the best way to go. Also, our son had a little cold and we put a humidifire by the bed and put children's vicks vapor rub on his chest before he went to sleep and that seemed to suppress the cough enough so he could sleep at night. I've heard with this new strand of flu that all you can really do is let it run it's course. The little nose's helps to break up the congestion in children. For adults, me and my husband swear by the alkaselzter cold and cough dissolvable tablets. Make sure everyone is covering their mouth when sneezing and coughing and washing their hands as much as possible to help prevent it from spreading to the whole family. Hope everyone gets better, it's bad this year.



answers from Raleigh on

From what I understand this is the worst flu season. I am sorry to hear you are all sick. My family has been sick since New Year's with the flu and still trying to get over it. Try lots of rest, fluids, and chicken soup!



answers from Owensboro on

hey my ex father-in-law always got a grapefruit and cut it in pieces, boiled it, smashed it a little, pored it in a glass, added sugar and had us drink it when we got the flu. it mite sound awlfull but it works. just make sure when u drink it go straight to bed and cover up cause u will sweat it out.

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