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Learning to Walk

Read all 15 responses: "Hello! I know I have asked about this before, but it's really starting to stress me out. I feel like my husband and I might be doing ...

My 8Month Old Wants to Walk

Read all 18 responses: "My 8 month old holds onto things and wants to stand up. As i am a first time mom, i really don't know what kind of toys, ...

13 Month Old Not Wanting to Walk for the Last Week

Read all 10 responses: "My 13 month old started walking on her own about 3 weeks ago but for the last week, she has not wanted to walk at all.

My 15-Month Old Is Afraid to Walk on Her Own

Read all 10 responses: "My daughter is ready to walk and has the balance she needs to do it on her own, but she insists on holding onto my fingers with each ...

1Yr. Old Wont Walk

Read all 36 responses: "MY one year old daughter has been standing up on her own with out holding on to anything for about 5 weeks now and she will ...

My 16 Month Old Refuses to Walk.....

Read all 13 responses: "My 16 month old son absolutely refuses to walk. I know that he can walk because we've witnessed it many times, however he mostly ...

Looking for Idea's on a "Team Name" Doing the 3-Day BREAST CANCER WALK

Feb 27, 2009 ... Read all 15 responses: "Need some help from my outside source. I am doing the walk in August and have to come up with a Team Name and for ...

ECI (Early Childhood Intervention)

if I remember correctly, Albert Einstein didn't walk until he was 3........my ... My first son didn't walk until 13 months and my second until 15 months. ...

My Baby Won't Walk...

Read all 25 responses: "He's 11 months old and loves to stand up, but only if I' m holding him. He'll pull up to his knees in the crib, but never to his feet ...

What Age Did They Walk?

My son did not walk until he was 15 1/2 months.....he was way behind the other babies in his daycare....they kept him in the infant area until he was a ...
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  • knows she can get around faster by crawling in 2 answers "... process (no pun intended- lol). She knows she can get around faster by crawling ..."
  • will walk when shes ready in 2 answers "Your daughter will walk when she's ready and there's really nothing you need to do ..."
  • ta tas in 2 answers "Save The Ta-Ta's"? I did the 2 day 2 years ago and saw a team w/ that-will never forget ..."
  • fine motor skills in 2 answers "... be sure you are on track with feeding and gross as well as fine motor skills ..."
  • started walking at 9 months in 2 answers "I have twin girls...one started walking at 9 months and the other started walking ..."