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Searching for Best Doorway Jumper

K.I. asks from Dallas

I am going to purchase a doorway jumper. Does anyone have any suggestions of which brand to buy or to stay away from? Thank you!


Walker or Jumparoo?

M.. asks from Detroit

I LOVE when babies are in walkers! Its so cute! I love them being able to fly around the house and crack up in their walker. Both my other kids used to chase in m...


Is My Son Ready for the Doorway Jumper?

M.A. asks from Pittsburgh

I was just given a second hand doorway jumper and I don't have the instruction booklet for it. Does anyone know what the recommended ages and weights are for it? My...


My 6Mo HATES Her New Walker!!

S.R. asks from Providence

Alyssa is 6mo old and she is used to her jumper. but i met someone on Craigslist.org who said they would trade my jumper and a changing table i was selling on Craigsl...



H.T. asks from Detroit

Just a quick question...is the reason people think walkers are dangerous due to people leaving babies in them unsupervised? My son uses one at school and I am thinki...


Recommendation for Infant Walker

S.G. asks from San Francisco

Hi Everyone, I have a 9 month old son who has not started crawling yet. No signs of it either. He can stand up holding on to my fingers but not by himself. I'm con...


Walker V. Exersaucer

L.A. asks from New York

Ladies, our five month old loves to "stand" and to "pedal his feet". He isn't happy in his swing, insists on being upright, and hasn't managed a crawl. I'd love a...


Advice on Brand of Baby Walker for Son

C.M. asks from Chicago

I am going to purchase my son a walker in a week or so and I wanted to know if anyone knows of a good, safe walker for children? Thanks


Crib Jumper!

J.B. asks from Cleveland

Hi moms. As of yesterday, we officially have a crib jumper on our hands! She's been living life on the edge for the past month...I've caught her balanced on the rail ...


A Walker Disaster !!

F.D. asks from Tampa

So today I decided to build the walker/bouncer my son has. Well..I thought it was awesome.. It was the car one. and He is 4 months now. Well took me a little bit to p...